Short Stories

Short Story Sunday 2/19/2017 (Sage)

I never tried any kinky shit before Jeremy asked me, but I figured what the hell. So, here I am, laying in bed, naked, all four limbs tied to the bed post, blindfolded. Felt like I had been laying here for hours as he rummaged around the room, my senses in overdrive.

“You ready?” he asked, scaring me from my thoughts.

“I’ve been ready.”

“Smart ass.” I could tell he was smirking.

I felt something tickling my leg, a feather maybe. It sent a shiver straight up my back and to my pussy. Senses definitely in overdrive. I felt him move on to the bed on side of me and then in between my legs. My heart was racing. What the hell was he about to do? The agreement was I couldn’t ask questions or say anything. It was simply to pleasure him by pleasuring me.

I felt the feather on both legs now, going up my thigh. It tickled, but was very arousing. He brushed them up my belly, around my breasts, and circled my hard nipples. I gasped, letting him know I was explicitly enjoying this. Then the feathers stopped.  I moved a little and then heard the sound of a whistle and something slapping me hard, stinging, sending pain throughout my entire body.

“What the fuck Jeremy?”

“I said don’t move or speak,” he said and whipped me again across my thigh.

I winced but didn’t move. He really liked this punishing thing. I had to admit that this was turning me on as well. I felt his hands on my thigh where the whip had met my skin and he was massaging it with his hands and then his tongue and lips. Now that was more like it. He moved his way down to my right foot and began to massage it. Wearing those wretched heels all day, I needed this.

I couldn’t help but wonder what he was preparing me for, but I was going to enjoy it while it lasted. He stopped and I instantly felt something cold, ice, in his mouth, going up my leg. He moved slowly, in circles, up to my knee, then my thigh. Yes, he was about to put the ice on my clit. I’ve been waiting for this.

Then, he moved up to my navel, fucking bastard. I sighed, not realizing I had been holding my breath. This really was fucking torture, no pun intended. He moved to one nipple and I felt something clamp down on it. It must’ve been a clamp. He moved the ice around my nipple, stimulating it even more, while putting another clamp on the other.

At this point, I’m sure Niagara Falls was rushing from my pussy. I felt his body over me. He was a pretty big dude, 6’5, 250, muscles stacked, dark chocolate, buns of steel, and fine as fuck. He moved to my neck, making me forget about the nipple clamps. I moaned, and as he moved over me, I felt his dick on my stomach.

Though I had never seen or felt his dick, I knew it was big and I knew he was hard as fuck. He was torturing me and himself. I felt his fingers slide between my pussy lips.

“Oh God,” I whispered.

He began to slowly massage my bulging sex with his thumb, and I felt the oil, making his thumb smooth and the firm pressure more gentle. He brought his lips to mine, with what was left of the ice. He kissed me deeply, pressing his body and erect dick against me.

I wanted to move so bad and wrap my legs and arms around him, but the feeling of not being able to touch him and not being able to see, made this so much more erotic. He kissed my chin, moving down my chest and to my stomach, slipping his index finger inside me.

“J…j…Jer…Jeremy,” I stammered.

“Uh-uh,” he said against my stomach, instantly feeling the sting of his hand against my left thigh.

The sting made the feeling of his thumb on my clit, lips on my stomach and finger in my pussy more intense. For the love of God if this man doesn’t eat my pussy, I screamed in my head. As if he could hear my thoughts, he devoured my clit in his mouth, putting his whole face in it. Sucking, licking, so fucking sloppy. Then I felt it.

“Jeremy, I’m coming! I’m coming!”

The orgasm ripped through my entire body. I gripped the posts to cushion the impact from the earthquake coursing through my body.

“Yes! Fuck! Don’t stop! Shit! Oh, God!”

As I came down from the peak, he lapped up all of my juices, not wasting a drop. I was panting and really wanting to move, but he had other plans. He removed the nipple clamps and massaged an oil on them.

I felt him over me again, then he began to ferociously suck my left nipple and pinch the right. He grazed his teeth ever so gently, then switched breasts. I felt the tip of his dick near the entrance of my pussy. He inserted the head and my breath caught in my throat. He was fucking huge and it was just the head. He took it out and pushed it back in, only the head.

“Ahhhh,” I moaned.

I needed more, I wanted more.

“Not yet,” he said.

He moved off from over me and untied my wrists and ankles.

“Turn over,” he said.

I obeyed.

“Ass up, move to the edge of the bed.”

I obeyed. He massaged some oil on my ass and then I felt a sting against both ass cheeks. I restrained from moving, as hard as it was. He spread my ass cheeks and lubricated my ass, slipping his thumb inside. I’d never done anal, so I was very excited. He pulled his thumb out and I felt something replace it. He slipped something round in. Anal beads. Oh my god, yes!

He slipped in another. I felt my juices running down my leg.

“Oh, shit,” I moaned.

My ass stung again. Dammit. He kept putting the beads in, then stopped. I felt him positioning himself between my legs. Without warning he pushed his dick in.

“Oh shit, Jeremy, oh my god, finally!”

Another sting to my ass. He fucked me as he pulled out and inserted the anal beads. The sensation from both the anal and vaginal penetration, I couldn’t help but to move, even though sting after sting came to my ass. At this point I was like fuck it. I guess he was getting into it as well because he stopped slapping my ass and gripped my hip, pulling me back as he pushed inside me.

With his other hand, he still worked the beads. The sensation came again.

“Jeremy, shit, I’m…”

He ripped the beads out as I came. I screamed with everything I had. It felt like I was orgasming from my ass and my pussy.

“Shit Sage, I’m ’bout to bust!” he said

I gripped the sheets, to brace his force. He was ramming his dick in now. I took the blindfold off and threw my ass back. I was still cumming. Then he pulled out and nutted on my ass. He flipped me over, stuck his index and middle finger in to assist in me riding out the rest of my orgasm.

I gripped his wrist, thrusting him deeper. He kissed me passionately and rough. I finished and my body went limp. I knew that this was just the beginning…

Short Stories

Short Story Sunday 1/8/2017 (Her Hustle Shorts)

Darnisha: Sunday Night Chronicles

Bars and clubs are always cliché, but it was a Sunday and I was bored. I was also horny and needed some play. Standing in my closet looking from one short dress to the next, I picked the last one. Red. Yoni coverage minimal. Easy access. Fitted. This pretty much covered my entire wardrobe. Granted my job didn’t require professional attire, but it was a profession nonetheless. Finally dressed, taking a once over in the mirror, I grabbed some condoms. Best sex is safe sex. On my way to seek out my first victim…

The valet line was long but the way I was dressed and sauntered up to the booth, they handled my parking fairly quickly. Skipping the line of pretenders to get in, I thought about how that used to be me. The come up was real and I be damned if I ever go back to that. Soon as I walked in, I spotted him at the end of the bar. maneuvering through the crowd, I sat at the opposite end, not in his line of vision but somewhere I knew he could see me. I ordered a drink. Then, things got pretty interesting…

While vibing to the music, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Smiling to myself I turned around. It wasn’t him, but this man was equally gorgeous and arousing. My yoni purred just a little at the sight of his dark skin, blue blazer, suited slacks, and hugging t-shirt. This many was every bit of 6’3 and the epitome of the kind of men I do business with. His swagger was a bit different. “Excuse me miss. Do you mind moving over so my wife can sit down.” My face fell…

After taking a hit to my ego, hell and my pride for that matter, I walked over to the VIP section and took my usual seat. With the exception of the man at the end of the bar, this club was subpar. I finished my drink and closed out my tab. I walked to the restroom to fix my hair before going to the next club. As I washed my hands I felt someone behind me, rubbing their manly hands up my thigh, finding me quite drenched. I looked up in the mirror and it was the man at the end of the bar…

Placing a finger between my slit I gasped, leaning back into his hard chest and even harder erection. His eyes were dark and the mysteriousness behind them made my knees weak. He was bad news but the way he worked his fingers, I didn’t care. He worked me until I reached my peak, throwing my head back against his shoulders, crying out in pleasure…

He turned me around to face him, hovering over me. He glared into my eyes and I couldn’t breathe. He was mesmerizing. I heard his zipper but never took my eyes off of him. I heard the wrapper of a condom but did not notice him ever moving until I felt the head of his staff slowly make its way inside me, stretching me more than I ever had before…

By this time I was also on the counter. He had lifted me when I was lost deep into his eyes. He slowly, aggressively entered and pulled out, making sure I felt every inch of his length and circumference. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held on for the intenseness of his rhythm was debilitating. I couldn’t moan, scream or cry out. He pulled my hair back, exposing my neck, licking and sucking the life out of me. I closed my eyes and let myself go…

I was weak when he finally pulled out. Taking my eyes off of him and looking down, I could’ve had a heart attack. He was huge. Now I see why he got me off with his handy work first. He lifted me off the counter and stared down at me. “On your knees.” And as if his words had power over my body, I felt myself getting down on my knees. “Open your mouth.” My mouth obeyed. He worked his way into my mouth. I stared up at him as he gently held the back of my head, and moved his hips back and forth. I could hear the beast in him stirring from his growls. I was immediately turned on. I pleasured myself as he was being pleased with my warm, wet mouth…

I felt him stiffen and grunt deeply, quickly thrusting his hips and going deeper down my throat. I felt the edge of the condom fill with his cum. I released while he was still cumming, my moans mixed with me gagging. He slowed and pulled himself out of my mouth, while lifting me up off of the ground. He kissed me in a way that made me want to give up my ways, our hearts beating together, but I knew he was just a future client…

He stepped back and got on one knee, lifting me onto the counter, putting my legs on his shoulders and assaulted my bulging clit with his tongue. He was messy with it too, sucking, licking, moisturizing his beard and lips with my secretions. I grabbed his head and moved my hips with his movements. I was about to climax and he stopped, looked up at my reaction and flicked his tongue quickly, instantly sending me into a fit of orgasms…

He kept going even after I was done. I hadn’t been this satiated since…since Darnell. He stood up, my juices all over his face and beard. He licked his lips and said, “Darnell sent me.” He threw 3 stacks on the counter, walked out and never looked back.


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