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Be a Pro at Meal Prep in 10 Steps

This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small something if you click on or make a purchase. I’ve been an avid meal prepper for a few years now and I always get asked how. I’ve heard it’s too hard, time consuming, and just doesn’t work for people, meaning they can’t stick to their… Continue reading Be a Pro at Meal Prep in 10 Steps

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After Work Checklist

1. Pick up Khai. 2. Nurse Khai. 3. Take him home. 4. Unload everything in the wagon and bring him in the carrier. 5. Spend time with Khai (watch his fave shows, play with toys, read a bedtime story.) 6. Bathe Khai. 7. Nurse Khai to sleep. 8. Change Vick’s pad in humidifier. 9. Shower.… Continue reading After Work Checklist

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Hello September…

It’s September and I couldn’t be more excited. My birthday is right around the corner. I’m still in the works of planning my bday but I think I’m going to book a local air bnb. Of course Malakhai will be with me. Can’t leave him out of my festivities. I’ve finally accepted that I have… Continue reading Hello September…

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I’m back!!

The holidays have past, and school has started again. These past couple of weeks have been nice being off from work. I am not one who cares much for holidays, but I do love spending time with my family. December was our first cold winter in a while. With temperatures in the 40s (that's cold… Continue reading I’m back!!