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Getting an Abortion

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was devastated. During that time, I was set to move to China and start a new life and career. I had my visa documents and everything. All I was waiting on was my plane ticket. Then I found out I was pregnant. That brought everything to… Continue reading Getting an Abortion

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Black Girls Teach

I came across this Instagram page when I searched #blackteachers and #blackeducators. A whole page dedicated to black female educators! I am all about black women empowerment. It is something that is near and dear, simply because I too am a black female educator. I am in my second year teaching and I love working… Continue reading Black Girls Teach

My Life

2016 has been a great year

Around this time last year I did not think that I would be where I'm at in my life now. Last year this time I was: -living paycheck to paycheck -had a negative balance -working as a substitute teacher -couldn't pay all my bills -living at home -depressed -unhappy I was a lot more things… Continue reading 2016 has been a great year

My Life

Lunch at Sunshine’s Vegetarian Deli

Since this is the week of Thanksgiving, and I'm a teacher, I have the week off to enjoy with friends and family that I don't normally get to see and spend time with. Yesterday, I went to Sunshine's Vegetarian Deli with Jazzie. I hadn't seen her in almost forever, so it was due time. We… Continue reading Lunch at Sunshine’s Vegetarian Deli