My Life

Fat, Ugly, and Single

    Well, I’m not really ugly, but being fat makes me feel that way. Now before anyone comes for me, yes, I know I just had a baby 3 months ago and it does take a while to drop the pudge, however, I lost all my baby weight and gained some back, and still… Continue reading Fat, Ugly, and Single

Health + Wellness


I have nothing against therapy, it’s just not something I can do right now, so I have my own form of therapy: yoga and journaling. In my last journal entry I was writing about the negativity I have been experiencing and that has been lurking in my mind as well as the almost unfortunate events… Continue reading Breakthroughs

Short Stories

She Knows Who She Is

Single,  Introverted, Black, Curly hair that defied gravity, Sunkissed chocolatey skin, Mile long legs, Dangerous curves, Honey sweet lips, Soft, round breasts, Brown, sultry, seductive eyes, Voice of a Goddess, Intellecutally inclined. She is a Black woman. She loved herself, now, But it wasn't always that simple. Abused,  hurt,  promiscuous, Self conscious,  Doubtful, Lustful, Selfish,… Continue reading She Knows Who She Is