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Tout Suite’s Vegan Falafel Sandwich

The best way to get repeat vegan customers to a non vegan restaurant is to have vegan options on the menu, actual vegan options, not salads. A lot of non vegan restaurants think that a way to serve vegans is to have salads. I’m here to tell you that’s more of an insult if anything. 

Now I’ve written a review before for Tout Suite and you can read it here. I found out through their The Annex rep, who told me that they now have a vegan falafel sandwich and me being a falafel lover, I was in. 
Before I get into the food, I did speak to one of the managers and he explained that they are in the testing stage and seeing what people like and are requesting. They do not have this sandwich all the time, mainly on Friday, and throughout the weekend, or until it sells out, then they go on to a different vegan item. The goal is to have a complete vegan menu. They do not have vegan desserts at the moment, however, they will be coming soon.

The sandwich comes in the form of like mini sliders, with fries. I used to be a salty fry person, meaning I loved my French fries hypertension salty, but since becoming vegan, my taste buds have changed. Their fries are lightly salted, and when I say lightly, I mean lightly, which is a good thing because we shouldn’t be consuming so much salt anyway. 

The sandwich consists of pesto, cucumber, falafel, lettuce and tomato. I loved the pesto, though I think hummus or a vegan tzatziki sauce would be good to add or have the option of it. It is on toasted ciabatta bread and it’s very flavorful for and filling. I would definitely get this again. They also have other vegan options like their avocado toast, which is killer and their mushroom toast.

For my drink I had a chai tea latte with almond milk and to be honest, I think they have Starbucks beat. I am a huge Starbucks chai tea latte fan, so for them to beat Starbucks is a win. I would also suggest they add coconut milk, or different nondairy milks for people who have nut and soy allergies. 

If you’re in Houston or just visiting, make sure to give Tout Suite a try. 

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Tout Suite HTX

I stumbled upon this place on Instagram from someone I followed. They were listed as a suggestion. I saw all the pictures on their page and knew I had to check them out. Once I got here, I could tell it was it by the white and black building and their symbol on the doors. It’s a very cozy place and also a great place to work, which is where I am writing this post. It’s somewhat noisy but as I began to write, the noise cancelled out. The lights are dim, the furniture is all wood. It reminds me of a type of lounge, that also happens to serve food. 

When you walk in, you are just above street level. They have a lower level that is at street level. They have to areas to order food so the line doesn’t get long and they have an area to order just a drink, which I find very convenient if you just want a coffee or latte. The staff is very friendly and upbeat. The woman who took my order was very accommodating. I order their toast options and I did the combination, but had them switch out the salmon toast for another mushroom. She made sure to put my order in all caps that I was vegan so they would not use butter or add cheese to it. I was very impressed with how nice she was in making sure that my order was completely vegan, even going back and talking to the chef and asking the manager if it was okay to substitute the salmon. 

The one thing that I didn’t like was the restroom is co-ed. Yes you read that right. There are I believe 6 or 8 stalls, half on each side and they are divided by the sinks. I was confused going in because a man was coming out and I thought I had not listened correctly when told where the restrooms were, behind the sliding barn door. That was my only negative about the place.

They also have what is called The Annex, which is a coworking space where people can come to work, collaborate, hold meetings or if you need an office space outside of the house, you can get a private room. I’m actually considering getting one because I do work from home, but sometimes I get lazy and comfortable and don’t really get anything done. They also have a kitchenette where you can store or heat up your food. So it’s like an office except you are working for yourself. I had actually been looking for a coworking space, and here one fell into my lap. 

Overall I had a great experience and I will definitely be coming back.

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5* for Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market Eastside

This farmer’s market has to be my favorite mainly because all of my fave vegan places are there and it’s proximity to my fave Whole Food’s Market and vegan restaurants. Another great thing is the major diversity with the vendors and the consumers. I feel more comfortable at this location.

This farmer’s market has a few of my fave vegan food vendors such as Guudbelly, Ripe Cuisine and my obsession, Sinfull Bakery. Since becoming vegan, Sinfull Bakery has met all of my baked goods needs. All of their food is vegan and the flavors are just…there’s no words honestly. Their pot pie has me feigning for more and their cinnamon rolls, larger than life, literally.

From them, I bought two pop tarts and a cherry pie, which I was told only six were made and they were trying something new with it. Either way, I know it’s going to be awesome. There is nothing that they’ve made that I haven’t liked. What I like about them besides their food, is their friendly service. Every time I go, I am always greeted with a warm welcome and goodbye. Friendly service is how they will keep me a customer, and of course their bomb as food. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself.

I also went to Nisha’s, again. The same vendor I went to when I went to Rice Farmer’s Market. I got some more vegetable samosas (they were friggin’ orgasmic as hell) and I got some eggplant dip. Most of their dips are vegan and they do have a lot of vegan food as well. That’s what I love about Indian food; the variety for everyone.

All in all this will be my favorite farmer’s market because of the inviting atmosphere and everyone is so nice. Also, majority of the vendors take credit cards, some only take credit cards which makes it easy for those of us who refuse to cash.

I highly recommend Urban Harvest Eastside. I haven’t been to the one they have on Wednesdays at City Hall mainly because I am at work during those times, but once I am able to go, I will do a review of that one as well.

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3* for Rice Farmer’s Market

Normally I only go to Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market Eastside but they are closed until February, so I decided to try a new farmer’s market. I wouldn’t say I regret going, but it was an experience. Let’s start with the positive.

I initially went because it was Ripe Cuisine’s last stop before the holiday. Ripe Cuisine is a vegan food truck and my absolute fave non Black owned vegan business. I always make sure to stop by them first when I go to Urban Harvest. They are actually the main reason I go, aside from Sinfull Bakery.

Anyway, they have awesome, friendly service and the food is prepared and ready in a timely manner. One thing about vegan food is it does not take long to cook. Once I got my food, I almost forgot to take a picture. I ordered the Bistro Burger with Sweet Potato Fries. Aside from 24 Diner in Austin, Tx, this is the best veggie burger I have ever had. Full of flavor, just amazing. I am never disappointed when I stop by Ripe Cuisine. If you are ever in Houston, please check them out.

My next stop was Angela’s Oven. This was an Indian food booth and I love Indian food. The guy let me sample all of their vegan foods and I ended up getting the Nisha’s Vegetable Samosas (ever since I tried samosas at this vegan Indian restaurant in Austin, I’ve been hooked) and their Vegetable Lintel Paratha. They have lots of good vegan foods that the sell and I wanted the all, but I didn’t want to be greedy.

I got some multigrain day old bread from a booth (I forget the name) that sells baked goods. I don’t normally buy bread but once every few months, not really a bread eater, but their bread looked so good I had to buy a loaf.

I would definitely say to check out Rice Farmer’s Market if you are ever in Houston. Now I did experience what I felt was racism. I could be over reacting but I felt slighted anyway. I was sitting down enjoying my burger and these two girls, I’m assuming college girls because they looked young, came at sat at the table. both of them were white. One guy who was also white, from a both who was selling coffee, came over with only two cups and asked the girls if they wanted to sample some of the coffee.

He did not even acknowledge my presence and he knew he wasn’t going to ask me to try being that he only brought over two cups for the two girls. I really felt some type of way about that, like do you not also see me sitting here? Granted this farmer’s market is held in the stadium parking lot of Rice University, a predominantly white university in a predominantly white area, so I should not have been as surprised, but that really bothered me.

I give the market 3* because of the food. There wasn’t a variety of vendors there like most farmer’s markets I’ve been to and am used to. I also give it 3* because of what I felt was racism. I probably won’t go back again and just catch Ripe Cuisine in their other usual places that make me feel more comfortable.

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5* for Sunshine’s Health Food Store & Vegetarian Deli

3102 Old Spanish Trl., Houston, Tx 77054

I have been seeing this restaurant posted on social media by different people for the past few years and still had not gone until June 17. I think it was because before they moved to this location, it was somewhere weird and far. The location they are at now used to be Beaucoup, a Cajun seafood restaurant and I went there a lot with my ex, before I was vegan and holistic (basically before I knew better).

What I like about this restaurant other than the fact that it is Black owned, is that it’s a health food store and you can buy supplements and all kinds of other things. When I walked in, it just felt right, just natural and the atmosphere was clean. The staff was super friendly and accommodating.

I ordered the nachos, which were bomb might I add. Even though the cashew cheese was sweet, the flavors blended together so I didn’t mind. I also had this Lemon Essence juice which was also really good (I like anything with ginger in it). I will definitely be going back. I am a huge fan of black owned health food stores and eateries. It gives me hope when I see my people trying to help each other out.

It is located in what we call 3rd Ward, which resides a lot of Black people, so having a healthy place to eat, is a huge step. I do hope to see in the future more stores and eateries in Black neighborhoods, hopefully owning one myself.

I highly recommend checking them out if you are in the Houston area or even just visiting.

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