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It is in the dark when I am most alive. When the rest of the world is sleeping, I am awake, letting my mind take over. The true meaning of the dead of the night. It’s when my creativity is heightened, My mind unwinding and letting The words flow like the waves of the ocean;… Continue reading Nyctophilia

Coming Soon..., Sneak Peeks

Below the Surface

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, At least that’s what I’ve heard. But is it really in the eye of the beholder? For when we talk about beauty, Isn’t it the outer appearance that we speak of? That’s shallower than the morning Tide of the ocean. What about under the make up She… Continue reading Below the Surface

Sneak Peeks

It Ended

When it ended, I didn’t want it to be over. I sat in denial, Thinking that things would Eventually work out. I kept holding on to the good Days that I overlooked the bad Which were more often than not. But I didn’t care. I hated being alone And was desperate for any Kind of… Continue reading It Ended