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Why do Black Men feel so entitled?

I already know I’m going to catch heat behind this, but I don’t care. I’m only speaking from personal experience so clearly I don’t men all black men. I’m going to preface this article by giving a little back story. This guy I went to school with has been after me for years, roughly 17… Continue reading Why do Black Men feel so entitled?

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Apesh*t & Black Panther

No shade, but black women are the most diverse group of women on this planet. It’s true.  We are the only group of women who come in a wide variety of shades and we have a wide variety of hair textures. But the one thing that bothers me is the misrepresentation of the different shades… Continue reading Apesh*t & Black Panther

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She Knows Who She Is

Single,  Introverted, Black, Curly hair that defied gravity, Sunkissed chocolatey skin, Mile long legs, Dangerous curves, Honey sweet lips, Soft, round breasts, Brown, sultry, seductive eyes, Voice of a Goddess, Intellecutally inclined. She is a Black woman. She loved herself, now, But it wasn't always that simple. Abused,  hurt,  promiscuous, Self conscious,  Doubtful, Lustful, Selfish,… Continue reading She Knows Who She Is

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Mind+Body+Soul Monday: Black Women Control Food

In the Black community, whose food do we always relish over? That of our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, aunties, etc. Basically, a Black woman. As Black women, we are the soul creators of delicious food in our community. We do the grocery shopping, preparing and cooking. We have the health of our families in our hands.… Continue reading Mind+Body+Soul Monday: Black Women Control Food