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Don’t Complain if You aren’t Doing Anything to Change

It’s thanksgiving break and all I can think about ishow happy I am to be at home and not at work. The only thing I’m happy about in my life right now is being a mom to my son.  I don’t hate my job. I love my job, but it doesn’t make me happy. I’m… Continue reading Don’t Complain if You aren’t Doing Anything to Change

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“Never give up, it’s such a wonderful life…”

Relationships end. That's just how life goes. I feel like since I've turned 30, I've developed more of a "fuck it" attitude towards a myriad of things. Whether it be people or things, my tolerance level for "fuck shit" is nonexistent. My life is amazing right now, and I honestly could not be happier (well,… Continue reading “Never give up, it’s such a wonderful life…”

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Boss Lady: Debra Johnson

I met Debra through Instagram about a year or so ago, and we finally met in person this year at the 2018 Houston Vegfest. Let’s get into this interview. First, tell me a little bit about you and what it is you do. Hello, My name is Debra and I'm a licensed attorney and a… Continue reading Boss Lady: Debra Johnson

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Boss Lady: Chrystallynn Block from AllThingsChrys

I met Chrys through Jazzie (yes, the one from Jazzzie By Nature). I can’t remember what it was for but I do remember we didn’t hit it off right away. After some time had passed and we kept running into each other, we formed a relationship over writing and our love for books. We are… Continue reading Boss Lady: Chrystallynn Block from AllThingsChrys

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The Amazing Female Body

It's almost that time for boo's arrival. Yesterday I had some cramping which was basically my uterus prepping for real contractions to begin. It's funny because I am not the least bit nervous. I am more anxious than anything. As a first time mom, I am anxious and ready to meet my little mini. I… Continue reading The Amazing Female Body

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Thank You for 600+

When I started this blog back in college, it began as a news blog. Had you told me then that today it would be a thriving lifestyle and mommy blog, I would've told you that you're crazy and to not wish that upon me. At one point I had over 2,000 followers, then I deleted… Continue reading Thank You for 600+