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Group Prenatal: Signs of Labor

If you didn’t know, I had what is considered a home birth, though I didn’t have my son at home. I had him at a birthing center and you can read my birthing story here.

Even though I am not longer pregnant, I still attend group prenatal to give advice to to currently pregnant first time moms. This past Sunday, the topic was signs of labor. Each women shared her signs of labor. For me, my signs were pretty basic: contractions, loss of mucus plug, and water breaking, in that order.

I love going to group prenatal to see the moms that I used to be pregnant with and to see the moms who will soon meet their mini. It’s also a reason for Boo and me to get out the house and interact with other adults. Plus, there’s always vegan food, and as a breastfeeding mama, I needs the food.

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Midwife and Water Birth

I have been searching and searching for months to find a midwife (specifically a black one) to deliver my baby. I have always been interested in a water birth and I have seen hundreds of videos. Yesterday (November 20) I met with Afua Hassan, owner of The Birthing Place, in Houston, Tx. Soon as I stepped in, I knew immediately that that is where I wanted to have my baby. It’s so welcoming and the scents from the essential oils is what really got my attention (I’m an essential oil junkie).

She gave me a tour of the center. It has two bathrooms, two birthing rooms and two birthing pools. I was sold. She is very personable and attentive. We talked for quite some time and I knew that when I left, she was going to be my midwife. I didn’t know how I was going to pay her, but I knew she was it.

A water birth resonates with me because they baby is in water for 9 months (actually 10), so why not have the baby born in water? It just makes sense. She went over the transfer procedure, in case I need to be transported to the hospital. She basically settled all my doubts and fears, and answered all of my questions.

Though I don’t have much support in this decision, I have to do what is best for me and my baby, and having a midwife and water birth is best.  I am all about energy and vibes, and I don’t get positive or energizing vibes from the hospital. I wait for 2 hours in the waiting room just to see my OB/gyn for five minutes then pay and leave. I want and need an experience that I will remember and can tell my child when they get older.

I am excited to work with Afua and bring my baby safely, and naturally into this world.