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Danisha has made a living off having sex for money with married men who are unsatisfied at home. She has numerous clients, so she is always satisfied. Sometimes two or three times a day, but none better than her own fingers and toys.

Her best friend is the only one who knows about her ‘job’ and she wants to keep it that way. her neighbor is smoking hot, but he’s always around, eerywhere she turns. She decides to give him some ass but he is not satisfied when she leaves him hanging, literally, and with blueballs.

Darnell is her favorite client, mostly because they used to date until Tylana jumped his cock, causing them to break up. Then he marries Tylana, but still pays to get some of Danisha’s wet and juicy cunt. Then Darnell files for divorce, right before Tylana catches him smashing Danisha in their house, on his desk.

In the midst of all her clients, she comes across a married couple that wants to have a threesome. Danisha is more attracted to the wife than the husband and the sex with her is more intensely orgasmic. She realizes this is more than just sexual atraction to a dangersouly seductive body. She’s actually attracted to this woman. The sex just makes the attraction more electrifying and juicy (pun intended).

When Danisha comes home one night to a destroyed apartment, she realizes Tylana is out for blood and will stop at nothing. But will Danisha be able to keep her ‘job’ underwraps after her laptop and client book have been stolen? Will she be able to pursue this relationship with this married woman? Will she give up cock for good for cunt?

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