First Trimester is Over!!!

I am finally out of the first trimester and I could not be happier. The extreme nausea, no appetite, fatigue like no other, just not feeling like myself. Hunger pains were torture and there were only certain foods that I could eat. Now that I am in the second trimester, all of that has gone … Continue reading First Trimester is Over!!!


Review: Sambuca 

This was a really nice restaurant with a warming, intimate atmosphere. They have live music, friendly staff and a beautiful outside seating area.  The main thing I didn't like was their lack of vegan options. I could only eat the sides because most everything is premade, though I don't want to eat anything premade that's … Continue reading Review: Sambuca 

Summer Traveling

So I am sitting here anticipating the last day of school (which is Friday and I can't wait), I've been thinking about traveling over the summer. I am also awaiting the arrival of my renewed passport. I have been doing research on sites like Passport Heavy, Travel Noire, Black Girls Travel Too, etc., and I've … Continue reading Summer Traveling