What I Will Miss/Not Miss About Being Pregnant

As today is boo’s due date (yet he has not arrived), I think about what I will miss and not miss about being pregnant. Don’t worry, this will be a short post (maybe). What I Will Miss 1. The special treatmeant that women get for being pregnant by family, friends, and strangers. 2. Parking in … Continue reading What I Will Miss/Not Miss About Being Pregnant


Trap Yoga

Here we are again with Trap Yoga, only this time I’m pregnant!! It’s always fun going to her classes and I wasn’t going to let boo stop me. In fact, I went just to try to move him down. Needless to say, no such luck, but I still enjoyed myself. I can’t believe these pics … Continue reading Trap Yoga

Self-care Sunday

  I haven’t been to a nail salon in years, so with boo arriving soon, I figured why not pamper myself today? I washed my hair and touched up my roots. Then I went to the nail salon and got a much needed pedicure, manicure, and eyebrow waxing. Since there will be photos and video … Continue reading Self-care Sunday