10 Budget Moves for Debt Freedom

Disclaimer: I am not a license professional financial coach, advisor, or consultant. Just sharing what works for me in hopes that it helps others.

  1. Money goals – what money goals do you have? What is it that you’re trying to achieve financially?
  2. Lay out all debts/bills – seeing the bigger picture helps you to know where you need to start.
  3. Budget planner – write it down. If you’re a techy, create a spreadsheet. (Let me know if you would like one created for you)
  4. Kill old habits – clubbing, happy hour, restaurants, girls trips, and spas will always be there. Pay off your debts and you can do those things on a regular with no worries.
  5. Meal prep/plan – I can’t stress this enough. We are the fattest country with the most people in debt. Eating out plays a huge role in our debts. I created a meal planner just for that purpose: to help in cutting down on eating out.
  6. Become a hustler – side hustles are something millennials have had no choice but to do. We have the most degrees and the most jobless or working jobs barely making ends meet. My friend Valencia Morton has two ebooks on side hustles. I also created a video a while back on side hustles that help me.
  7. Gift cards – can never go wrong with free money to your favorite places or online stores.
  8. Sinking funds – save towards big purchases like Christmas gifts, travel, birthdays, etc.
  9. Stop using credit cards/personal loans – they are the devil and why most of us are in debt now.
  10. Emergency fund – if you don’t do anything else, at least have an emergency fund. Don’t get caught without one in an emergency situation. You’ll create more debt. I can attest to that first hand.

Confessions of a Single Mom #13: I’m Going to Therapy

Saturday was a tough day, a day that made me take the plunge and seek a therapist. On my way to visitation with Khai’s dad, I felt an anxiety attack coming on. I was able to make it through visitation (only lasted 45 minutes), and head home to practice yoga. The one time I really needed Malakhai to sleep so I could at least get 45 minutes in, he did. He slept two hours.

After yoga, I just sat in silence. It was deadly silent. I let my thoughts float away. I drank some ginger tea and ate some grapes, continuing to sit in silence. I felt renewed and my blood pressure started to come down. I felt like me again. It’s that very reason why my mental health needs to be taken care of, as well as my physical health.

I feel like they both go hand in hand. There’s so many ways that mental and physical health support your wellbeing. I’ve gotten back into yoga and I’m sticking with it this time, I have to. Yoga is the only exercise that makes me feel good and can ease whatever feelings I’m feeling that aren’t positive.

I went online through my insurance and found the perfect therapist that can cater to all of my mental health needs. She’s black, my age, has experience, has hours that fit my schedule, and I can afford her.

Have you been to a therapist? Did it help and if so, how? If you haven’t, how do you take care of your mental health?


Stay Hydrated Sis: Benefits of Drinking Water

“I can’t drink plain water.”

“Water tastes nasty.”

“Water is boring.”

“Water has no flavor.”

I’m sure you’ve heard some of these before and I must say it does annoy me quite a bit. It’s funny how many people don’t consume even a quarter of the amount of water they need per day, despite their bodies being made up of over 70% water.

Not drinking water can cause a myriad of health problems. Dehydration sucks, and so does being in the hospital. Here are some benefits of drinking water that I’ve seen work myself:

  1. Clearer skin
  2. Think better to make the best decisions
  3. Clear urine (this one makes me happy)
  4. Reduced body odor
  5. Better lubrication for sex
  6. Aids in digestion and gut health
  7. Aids in weight loss
  8. Balance vaginal health
  9. Aids in oral health
  10. Lubricates brain to prevent headaches

These are just to name a few reasons as to why drinking water is important. An awesome app to track your water intake is Water Tracker. Do you drink enough water?


Soul Food Vegan, for the Culture

I had been waiting for this day for over a year y’all! The first vegan soul food place in Houston, Texas, and what better place to put it than in 3rd ward on Emancipation Ave.? The grand opening was at 12, but was pushed to 12:30. I was the fourth person in line. As I was about to place my order, I saw the line go around the building and down the street. When I say the community showed up, we showed up.

I ordered the Soul Food Vegan Platter (cauliflower steak, greens, mac n cheese, and dirty rice), strawberry watermelon sea moss lemonade and a brownie. When I say it did not disappoint. The flavors were rich. Honestly, all that was missing was some cornbread.

The restaurant itself is quaint and not really a place to gather with a large group, however, Emancipation Park is directly across the street, so you can get your food to go and eat in the park. Service was friendly and fast. The place was clean and there was ample parking. For me, besides the food and service, parking is always my biggest thing. If there isn’t convenient parking, I’m less likely to return. I got there early so I was able to park in front of the door.

This restaurant is something that is needed, especially in the community that it’s located. I love that so many of us showed up and wanted to eat vegan food. Just because it’s vegan, doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good. I’m hoping that people left there and wanted to change their lifestyles. If I wasn’t already vegan, I believe they would’ve converted me because that food tastes like the food I grew up on.

If you live in Houston and the surrounding areas, or you’re visiting, stop by 2901 Emancipation Ave and get you some vegan soul food.


Shop is Open!!!

So, a few months ago I upgraded my site tot the business plan because I knew that I wanted this to be more than just a blog. I want people to be able to obtain resources and get services for all things book related.

At first, I was like yeah, this is going to be easy. I am going to just upload all my services and products and it’ll be ready. Wrong. It’s actually a little time consuming to be honest, but it’s worth it.

“Nothing successful comes easy, nor without hard work.”

So far, I have available my staple foods list, book services, and two of my novels. I will be adding more to the shop over the next few days, as currently I am exhausted. I’m doing everything from my phone while taking care of a sick 8-month-old. Bear with me.

Take a look around my shop and let me know if you have any questions!


I Gotta Baby, I Need Some Money

So I was sitting in the dentist’s office scrolling through Instagram, and low and behold I see a post from Cardi B. Her new video for “Money” dropped. I quickly go to my YouTube app and search for the video. After watching it, my first thought was, “Did you expect anything less?” And I mean that in the most respectful way. 

I have so much respect for her simply because she does not try to be anything that she’s not. She’s not fake and she’s humble about where she came from, from being a stripper, dancing in the club, to still using her skills to make money today. She always talks about when she was a dancer and is still proud of it. She’s also apart of the Bloods gang. She appreciates everything that she has gone through and done because it has gotten her to where she is today.

I honestly imagined her video would be raunchy with class. She filmed it in a bank and a strip c!ub. She also showcases her skills on the stripper pole and dancing. That’s who she is and she’s humble about it. She’s not ashamed of where she came from, because if it wasn’t for that, I don’t think she’d be rapping today.

What gave me the biggest respect about her video is seeing her breastfeeding her child. Many people made the comment that that wasn’t actually her baby, however, I think those parts were shot when Kulture was first born. Regardless, from one breastfeeding mom to another, hats off to her.

She takes pride in being a mother and I honestly think that’s why she hasn’t taken Offset back. I also don’t blame her. She has a baby and a booming career. She doesn’t have time for the constant public humiliation. She is the epitome of a hardworking mother and I can only giver her props for it.

I know many people after seeing the video called her a ho. Do you think she’s bothered? She has capitalized on what many call “hoish” ways and behavior. Also, Cardi doesn’t give a fuck about what people think of her as long as she’s still getting them coins.

What did y’all think of her video?


What I’ll Miss About Being on Maternity Leave

Now granted, I am a teacher and we get many breaks throughout the year, and I’ll be able to experience these things often but not as much, doesn’t take away from the fact that I’ll miss them.

1. Napping. Khai and I took so many naps throughout the days it wasn’t even funny. I’m not back at work and experience great fatigue during our regular nap times, although Khai is getting his naps in.

2. Playing all day. There were a plethora of days where Khai and I never left the house. Between naps, we played, watched Paw Patrol or Bubble Guppies, read books and just enjoyed each other. Granted I can still do those things but just not all day.

3. Outings. On days where we actually left the house, we went on a lot of outings, mainly him sleeping through all of them. On any given day I could just get us dressed and we’re out the door. Now I think it’s going to be strictly on weekends depending on how I feel after work.

4. Hanging out with my mom. Khai still gets to hangout with her since she’s keeping him while I’m at work, but the three of us were always in the streets these past few months.

5. Lying in bed after waking up. Many mornings, Khai and I would just lie in bed and stare out the window, as the sun came up. I will miss waking up to his smiling face and just laying there, basking in all that is my heart. Now when I wake up, I get ready for work, nurse him, grab my oatmeal and we’re out the door to drop him off at his MiMi’s house.

Now like I said, I can still do all of these things, just not all the time. Come thanksgiving break, Christmas break, spring break, summer break and all of the 3 day weekends, I can still do all of these things.

For my working moms, what did you miss about maternity leave when you went back to work?


Caged Like Animals


What’s happening in south Texas, my state, is atrocious. Children are being taken away from their families and held in cages like wild animals. Small children who can’t fend for themselves. But I’m not surprised. This country has a history of caging people like animals and ripping children away from their families.

During slavery, children were taken from their mother’s arms and sold to slave owners far away. After Pearl Harbor, Japanese people in America were thrown in internment camps. Why? Oh because they are all terrorists. Just like how people acted towards Middle Easter and Muslim people after 9/11. This country has a history of not giving any fucks about POC, especially their children.

Now we have this piece of shit of a president who doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself. Mind you, his wife is an immigrant. All this is is history repeating itself. The kicker is he had a high Hispanic population vote. Ironic right?

What are your thoughts on this monstrosity?


Selfless v. Selfish Parents

I never knew how selfless parents are until I became pregnant and life was no longer about me. I also didn’t know how selfish parents could be until I became an educator. I have first hand experience from both sides of the spectrum, and I must say one side is worse than the other and is the side I see most often. Let’s start with selfless.

Selfless Parents

Growing up, my mom sacrificed a lot for my brother and I. She was always working and rarely ever home. It was always a babysitter or my grandmother taking care of us. As a young child, it didn’t make sense to me why she was always gone and why we could never go anywhere. She was a single mother for a long time. As I got older, I began to understand why she did what she did. Despite working all the time, she still made sure we stayed on top of our education, I went to tutorials, she helped with homework, she came to events we had, she was and still is a supportive parent. She’s superwoman. She’s a selfless person when it comes to my brother and I, and now that I have a little person on the way, I had to let go of my selfish ways because life will no longer be about me.

As an educator, I see selfless parents all the time. I see parents who get off the train to pick their child up from school or tutorials. Parents who will bend over backwards to make sure that their child is good and wants for nothing. I see parents who work nights and yet are still invested in their child’s education and extracurricular activities. Mainly, I see single mothers doing this through all races. Women who have nothing and clean houses or toilets for a living but when you see their child, you would never know. As an educator, I have the utmost respect for these women. I appreciate these parents because I can see that despite their circumstances, they make sure their child is getting an education, has clean clothes, food on the table, a roof over their head, and have a chance at life.

Being a parent, you can’t be selfish because you have little people depending on you. Little versions of yourself and without you taking care of them, they have no chance at life. Children cannot fend for themselves and shouldn’t have to (I’ll go into detail about that in a minute). By working hard and providing for your child’s wants and needs shows them that they are loved and what to do when they get older and have children of their own. You’re setting the standard for them to know that they may not have that dream job they’ve always wanted, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices and do what you have to do in order to take care of your family.

Selfish Parents

These types of parents I see all of the time and not just at school. You can walk in a store and see selfish parents: kids with no shoes on, their hair is matted, the mother or father is dressed to the nines, the parents are dressed in bed clothes and children have on clothes 3 sizes too small. You can look on the street and see the bad choices that some parents have made and again, I’m speaking of single mothers. I hate how single mothers get this bad rep because of how many of them carry themselves. But that’s neither here nor there.

I’ve been in education for five years and in those five years I’ve seen all kinds of selfish parents. Parents who spend every school year in prison and tell you on the first day of school that they’ve gone to jail every year since their child has been in school; parents who don’t value their child’s education; parents who rely solely on you to educate their child because they don’t have the time, money or resources, nor are willing to help their child at home; parents who won’t come in for parent-teacher  conferences to discuss their child’s academic needs because they have to work and don’t want to take off; parents who won’t let their child stay for tutorials when this student has a label and is performing more than one grade level lower than where they are; parents who don’t take the magnitude of their child’s behavior and academic failures seriously; parents who have made poor choices that are now causing their child damage mentally, physically, and emotionally; and parents who just plain don’t give a damn. I could go on and on about this but then we would be here forever.

I see parents who continuously have children and can’t take care of them because they are too wrapped up in their poor choices and don’t want to to give them up to take care of their responsibility. If you didn’t want to have children then you should’ve taken the proper measures to prevent it from happening. I always hear people say that they didn’t get their life together until they had children. Then there’s the opposite, but how can you have a child and think that what you were doing before is still okay? How in a person’s mind do they think that continuing to binge drink and take drugs while carrying a child is okay? Even continuing to do it after the child is born, not being coherent enough to even acknowledge that your child is still reeling from the lasting effects of your insufferable decisions.

Then you have parents who don’t do drugs or drink, but love to party, stay out all night, bring different people around their child, abuse their child because of generational ties, lack education and get upset when their child wants help to better their education so they don’t end up like their parents, evoke jealousy on their child because their child is not like them and even may be better than them, so they sabotage this child’s livelihood. I really don’t understand how having a child can not make a person want to change.

The worst part of selfish parents that I’ve seen is children who have to fend for themselves. Young children are left with their older siblings who aren’t even 13 yet and this child is expected to cook, clean, bathe, wash, and make sure their siblings get to school. As a parent, how can you put all of your responsibility on your child, not giving them a chance to even be a child? Too many children are having to be adults before they even hit puberty, then people wonder why they have adult behavior and characteristics. It’s like the child is being punished because you don’t want to do what you’re supposed to do. I’ve worked with high school students who wanted to go to colleges far way from their families because of what they had to endure. Then I had high school students who couldn’t go far to college because they still needed to work and provide for their grown ass parents and younger siblings. How is that fair? This child can’t even enjoy the college experience because they have to help with their family that they didn’t ask to  be born into.  I see why some people as they get older, never return home to visit their families. Is that the example you want to set for your child?

If you grew up below the poverty line, in section 8 housing, with no car, lights turned off half the time, and barely any food, wouldn’t you want to change your life for when you have children? What would make you continue the cycle?

Let’s Do Better

You have parents out here who feel like they aren’t doing enough for their children and in reality, their child doesn’t know what is too much and what isn’t. All they know is that they are living a good life and they are happy, and that’s really all you can hope for. From one parent to another, let’s vow to do better and help other parents to do better when we see that they need help and guidance, especially our single, black mothers.


What I take for My Vegan Pregnancy

I am not a pill swallower and never have been. Pills and I have this hate relationship where it hates me and won’t allow me to swallow it without throwing it back up. Needless to say, prenatal vitamins in pill, gel or capsule form, I don’t F with those. Below are the supplements I take as well as a link to where you can get them on Amazon.

Nature’s Way Alive Chewable Prenatals:

These vitamins taste really good. You take 3 a day and they a have actual fruit juice in them. They’re natural and gelatin, fish, egg, dairy, and soy free.

VegLife Iron:

Though I’m not anemic, I didn’t want to take any chances with being pregnant. I found these on Amazon and what I love is they also have folic acid, B vitamins, vitamin C, and are made from veggies.

Finest Nutrition Folic Acid:

In my normal multivitamin, it had folic acid. Now that I’m taking prenatals, the prenatal only has 800 mcg and for pregnant women, we need to take an extra 400 mcg a day. These pills are so small and as you can see, it has 400 tablets. That’s over a year’s supply. So I’ll still have these even after the baby is born.

Flaxseed Oil:

Omega fatty acids are vital for the babies brain development and I’m all about natural sources. The Alive prenatals have DHA, but not enough, so I’m supplementing with the flaxseed oil. I put 1 tbsp in my smoothie or oatmeal in the mornings.

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4 Years Vegan!!

I can’t believe it has already been four years that I have adopted a plant based lifestyle. I remember like it was just yesterday (it was actually last Friday that made 4 years, November 17). It was right before the thanks-for-killing-millions-of-Indians break, and I was so sick. I had spent the weekend in Huntsville, Texas, on a field trip with some of the kids from the YMCA that I was working with. I was vegetarian at the time and that weekend was full of just cheese pizza. When I came back, the constipation was so real.

On November 17, 2013, I made the decision to give up all dairy and eggs. No transitioning or anything. I didn’t like the constipation and stomach pains, and I really had no reason to continue eating dairy and eggs. My family thought I was crazy and didn’t think it would last, but here I am, 4 years later, thriving and about to have a little vegan human soon.

I won’t say that being vegan has been easy; there were times that I slipped and ate something that was made with dairy or eggs. Funny thing is, I couldn’t finish eating it because it tasted so different and weird. Once your taste buds become accustomed to not having something and you finally have it, you don’t want it anymore. Meat is the only thing I have not slipped up and eaten simply because the thought of it makes me want to vomit. Although, I still love the smell of bacon cooking.

If you are having doubts or wondering about this journey, check my shop page for my guide to veganism and meal plans.


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My Trip to Austin, Tx | June 23-25

This past weekend I did a mini tour of Austin’s vegan scene. I had an amazing time. I have made several posts on the things I did, but I wanted to come on here and make a compilation post. I will also be linking to each individual post.


The first thing I did when I got to Austin was hit up Capital City Bakery to get some vegan baked goods. The cupcakes were absolutely delicious. They were also my last stop on my way back to Houston. I got a kolache and another cupcake. The bakery that we have in Houston is nothing compared to Capital City Bakery.




Next, I went to Sally’s for an event by Cantu Beauty. Little did I know that my purchase would land me two free tickets to see Future in concert later that same night. I was ecstatic. My brother was a lot more hype than I was. He was baffled on how I just came to his city and won free tickets. The concert was great and I loved the Cantu products that I bought. I also had found out earlier that morning that I had passed my teacher certification exam, so this was the icing on the cake to win these tickets.






Then I went to The Vegan Nom food truck and got a Gracias Madre taco and let me tell you, that taco fooled me on being vegan. The taste and flavors I was convinced that they duped me, but it was indeed vegan.





After the concert we headed to 24 Diner which makes the best veggie burgers I have ever experienced. They are all handcrafted and cooked to perfection. It is rare that I visit a place that has veggie burgers that aren’t premade or come out of a package and just heated up.





Saturday morning I went to Counter Culture, a vegan restaurant, for brunch. I had chocolate chip and cherry pancakes, seitan sausage and tofu rancheros. It tasted amazing. I love a good pancake.





D. Watkins signing my book


I left Counter Culture and headed to the George Washington Carver Library for the Austin African American Book Festival to see D. Watkins, author of The Beast Side, so that he can sign my book. Had an amazing discussion. The next speaker talked about the book and documentary, I am Not Your Negro. That was a very heated discussion between the black and white people in the room. What was even more heated was the next discussion of the movie Get Out. Some white people actually left because of how some of my fellow melaninated brothas and sistas expressed their views on the movie. Oh well!




For dinner I hit up Unity Vegan Kitchen and had their infamous chikn and waffles and I was too hype and to lit at the blend of flavors. Before I became vegan, I had never had chicken and waffles, and I had always heard how amazing they were. Now that I am vegan, I am sure the nonvegan version cannot compare.




Sunday morning I headed back to The Vegan Nom food truck and had The Flapjack Badasserie, which was a pancake topped with tofu scramble, vegan sausage, vegan cheese, berries and maple syrup. I know that sounds like a helluva mix, and it was. I never thought to make anything like that.


The food I experienced over this weekend was amazing and I definitely want to try recreating my own versions. If you are ever in Austin, try some of these restaurants. Also, let me know if you do.

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Short Story Sunday 4/30/2017 (Her Hustle Excerpt)

As she got closer, she stopped in her tracks. There at the table, was Rodney. Their eyes locked and they both had the same expression on their faces.

“What are you doing here?” they both said in unison.

Everyone grew quiet. Her sister, Anissa, was the first to speak.

“How do y’all know each other?”

“We live in the same apartment complex on the same floor,” they both said.

Danisha found it annoying that they were speaking at the same time, thinking the same thing.

“It’s a small world isn’t it?” said her mother.

“Come sit down so we can eat.”

They both walked the rest of the way to the table. The only seat left was the one by Rodney. Danisha reluctantly sat down, rolling her eyes. Why the fuck was he here, she thought. It was like Anissa was reading her mind. She had a tendency of doing that.

“This is my boyfriend Roshan. Roshan this is my sister Danisha. I knew you weren’t dating anyone so I didn’t want you to feel like a fifth wheel so I asked him to bring a friend. But I guess that was a bad idea.”

“No shit, Anissa,” said Danisha.

“You watch your mouth!” exclaimed their mother.

“You may be grown but I will slap the piss out of you if you use such language around me again.”

“Sorry, mom.”

The whole time her father sat there quietly eating. He wasn’t much of a drama man so when there was some brewing, he kept his mouth shut and his eyes down. Rodney and Roshan followed suit. They all started eating in silence. Danisha just wanted to leave. This wasn’t exactly her ideal lunch with her family. As she ate, she noticed the cologne Rodney was wearing. It was the kind that got her lower half heating up. Unbreakable by Khloe and Lamar. She shifted trying not to let the scent get to her.

“I guess I’ll be the ice breaker,” said her father.

“Danisha, how is my lovely daughter doing?”

“I’m doing good dad. Just working. You know, business as usual.”

“What business would that be?” asked her mother.

Danisha became nervous hoping that Rodney would not bring up her apparel the night before. She glanced over and saw that he too was waiting for an answer. She could see the amusement in his face.

“You guys know I don’t like to discuss my business. Just know that it and I are doing well and I’m living comfortably,” said Danisha.

“I bet. The kind of place you live in you must be really doing good,” said Anissa.

Danisha rolled her eyes and took another bite of her tuna sandwich and chips. She hated having to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner with her family. The focus was always on her and what she was doing.

“Danisha, why don’t you tell us how you and Rodney met?” said her mother. Danisha glared at her in dismay and embarrassment. She didn’t want to tell her parents what their first encounter was really like.

“I was coming home from a late night at work and we bumped into each other on the elevator. We exchanged greetings and when we got out the elevator, we went our separate ways.”

“That’s it?” asked her father and Anissa.

“Well, I was tired and wasn’t really up for conversation,” Rodney finally said.

“Plus I had just moved in that morning and she was the first person I ran into that lived on my floor. She looked tired as well and I didn’t want to keep her.”

He smirked as he said that. Her blood boiled hot. She was sure they could see the steam coming out of her ears.

“Well, maybe you two should go out sometime and maybe Danisha can show you around the town,” said her mother.

“Mom…” Danisha started but was then cut off.

“In fact, Danisha, give him a tour of the house,” her mom smiled with a wide grin.

“I would love that,” said Rodney.

Danisha let out a breath and rose from the table. She threw her napkin onto her plate.

“It would be my pleasure,” she said sarcastically and walked towards the house.

“My sister can be stubborn like that sometimes,” said Anissa.

“I can see that,” said Rodney as he got up quickly and jogged after Danisha.

Once they were in the kitchen and he had closed the door, she spoke with heavy acid in her voice.

“You motherfucking bastard!” she yelled.

He gasped in shock at her tone and anger.

“You just…ugh!” she growled.

“I’m lost. The fuck is your problem?”

“The fuck is my problem? First, you fucking insult me by calling me a hooker.”

“I never said you were a hooker,” he said in defense.

“You implied it. Then you ask am I visiting someone and then was shocked when you found out I lived there. What? A black woman can’t live like a black man, or a man for that matter? I can’t have a job that affords me my penthouse and my car?”

“I get your point Danisha.”

“And now you’re at my fucking parents house, reveling in my squirming and even taking part in making it happen.”

“I said I get your point dammit!” he barked.

Danisha was taken back by his reaction. His chest was moving fast as she could feel the tension in the room rising. She turned and headed up to the foyer and up the stairs and he followed. She was pissed and he knew she was. She went into one of the guest rooms at the end of the hall and he followed closing and locking the door behind him. He quickly glanced around the room and realized how elegant it was. Then their eyes locked.

They walked quickly towards each other and embraced in a steam angry kiss. They were both pissed at each other and they didn’t even know each other. He wanted her and she just wanted to fuck and let off some steam. He took of her shirt but never looked away. She felt his arousal pressing between her legs. She caressed it and felt his hard, long, thick length. Her kitten was purring now from hunger. She needed it and she needed it now.

She undid his pants and they fell to the floor. He kicked his shoes off, along with his pants. His dick fell through the front hole of his boxers. She gasped at how big and black it was. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She quickly got on her knees and grabbed his hips. She looked up at him and smiled for he did not know what he was in for. His lips were parted and he stiffened his body as she took him completely in her mouth. He let out a groan and spread his legs to steady himself.

He put his hands on her shoulder as she slowly sucked and grazed his lengthy softly with her teeth. His breath hitched and he tensed up even more. She sucked harder now and faster taking him all the way in and then all the way out.

“Oh, fuck! I’m bout to bust!” he growled as he felt his nut and grabbed her head and thrusted in and out of her mouth.

“Oh, shit! Ah, fuck! Danisha damn!”

She felt his salty release down her throat. She took him out of her mouth and stood up and smiled. He was gasping for air as that nut took everything out of him. He smiled back.

“My turn,” he said.

He grabbed her by the waist and laid her on the bed. He pulled off her sandals and undid her pants, pulling them and her thong off. He got on top of her and kissed her hard. He kissed her neck then down to her breasts. He undid the bra from the front and gasped at how large her breast was. She felt his dick harden against her pussy. She couldn’t wait to have it inside her.

He grabbed her nipple with his teeth and sucked hard. She let out a small yelp as he took her by surprise. He then continued to kiss her down her stomach and then the insides of her thighs. He was now on his knees on the floor. As he continued to kiss both thighs he inserted two fingers in her pussy and her hips lurched. She let out a gasp and clenched the sheets.

With his free hand he grabbed his pants and pulled a condom out of his pocket. She didn’t hear him open the packet and put the condom on. He then removed his fingers and kissed her clitoris and then forcefully attacked it with his tongue. She put her hands on his head and he grabbed the outside of each of her thighs, pulling them apart.

He inserted his tongue in her pussy and she felt how long it was. He found her spot with his tongue and flicked it with the end of it. She let out a scream as her orgasm took over her body. Her cum came rushing out and squirted all in his mouth. He continued until she pushed his head away. He wiped his mouth and stood up.

“Fuck me now!” Danisha demanded.

He smiled, climbed in between her lugs and lunged in her. She screamed an ear piercing scream.

“Shh…” he said as he smiled.

“Just fuck me,” she begged and he did as he was told.

He slammed in her as hard as he could. She felt him in her stomach. She grabbed his arms which were big and muscular and that turned her on even more. His breath was becoming heavier and he held her hips as he slammed harder and harder in her. She was moaning and digging her nails into his back.

“Oh, shit, call me daddy,” he said.

“Nigga what?”

“Call me daddy,” he repeated.

“Hold on stop,” she said and he stopped thrusting.

“Call you daddy? Why?”

“I like when women call me daddy. Makes me feel superior and masculine,” he explained.

“Get out and off of me.”

“What? Why?”

“It’s my body and my pussy and because shit I fucking said so.”

He pulled out of her and rolled on side of her. She got up and started getting dressed. He watched her in confusion.

“Did I say something wrong?” he asked.

“I don’t call anyone daddy who demands it from me,” she replied.

“So you are a hooker,” he said.

“I am not a fucking hooker.”

“By the way you just sucked my dick and let me fuck you, yeah, I consider that a hooker.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said as she put her shoes on and looked at herself in the mirror above the dresser at the foot of the bed against the wall.

“You should get dressed before someone sees you,” she said as she unlocked the door and walked out leaving it open.

He hurried and got up to close it. Back outside, everyone was laughing and having a good time.

“I’m leaving, thanks for lunch,” said Danisha as she hugged and kissed her parents and then her sister.

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Short Story Sunday 2/12/2017 The Cable Guy

Janet heard the knock on the door and knew it was the cable guy. She opened it and welcomed him in. She showed him where the cable needed to be installed and which rooms. She yelled to her daughter, Maliyah, that the cable guy was there and that she was leaving to do some errands. When she left, the cable guy got to work in the living room. After about ten minutes, he felt someone grab his ass.

He turned around to see a woman who looked 25, but he knew she was younger. She smiled and licked her lips at him.

“I don’t think that this is appropriate,” he said, trying to sound like he meant it.

Looking at her all he could think about was his dick in her mouth and then bending her over.

“Why not? You don’t like pussy?” she teased, twirling her hair with her pointer finger.

“How old are you?”

“I’m 21.”

He thought about it and then turned to get back to work. She grabbed his dick from behind and he instantly got hard. He turned to look at her again.

“I can’t do this with you, you’re too young.”

“That’s not what your dick says,” she said and before he could protest, his pants were at his ankle and his dick in her mouth.

He thought about resisting but she was a pro at what she was doing. He gave in and let her suck his dick. Technically, this was okay because he wasn’t actually in her pussy. She grabbed his balls firmly and jiggled and pulled gently on them. He gasped while looking down at her looking up at him, sucking him hard. He put one hand on her head and pushed her head to him so he could go deeper.

“Yeah, just like that,” he growled.

He was about to release and grabbed her head with both hands. He thrusted faster in her mouth, causing her to gag. He was about to teach her a lesson about not fucking with a grown man dick. He released still fucking her mouth viciously. He pulled it out and watched her gag. She wasn’t ready but he was still going to show her.

He got out his shoes and took his pants all the way off. He picked her up and sat her on the couch. He lifted her skirt and saw she had no panties on. He spread her legs and ate her pussy. The way she squirmed, she wasn’t ready for that either. He continued attacking her clitoris and then put two fingers in her tight pussy. She screamed and moaned. Whether or not it was pain or pleasure, he didn’t care.

An orgasm ripped through her body and she convulsed, screaming. He wondered if the neighbors could hear her. He turned her so that she was now laying on the couch. He got between her legs and her eyes widened, as he slipped on a condom. He plunged in her making her scream. Tears came rolling out and he thrusted in her tight, wet pussy hard and fast. The tears stopped and she appeared to be enjoying it, though still screaming.

She knew he wasn’t going to stop. He had a better idea. He pulled out and told her to get on the floor on all fours. She did quickly and he squatted behind her. He entered her slowly, but fucked her hard. Her screams got him off quickly. He felt he was about to release and couldn’t control himself and fucked her a little to hard. He turned into a beast. When he was done he stood up and put his pants back on and his shoes.

He got back to work, ignoring her as she could barely walk straight. She sat back on the couch and watched him. When he was done with all the rooms he told her he was leaving.

“When will you come back?” she asked.

“Did you not learn your lesson?”

“What lesson?”

“Not to fuck with a grown man dick?”

“But I like grown man dicks,” she said, sauntering over to him. She gave him a little squeeze and fluttered her eyes at him. He smiled and left before his dick got too hard. When he got to his truck, Janet was pulling up.

“Did everything get installed?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am. It was kind of hard to get in at first but after a while everything went in easily,” he smiled, knowing she had no idea what he just did to her daughter.

He got in his truck and drove off to another appointment.

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Short Story Sunday 2/5/2017 (The Virgin)

Restaurant Antics

When I walked in the restaurant, Wayne was sitting in a corner by himself. He looked as good as he always did. I made sure to wear something extremely low cut and extremely short. He claims he wasn’t a virgin but tonight we were going to see about that. I sauntered over to the table and he looked up at me. He was speechless.

I watched him swallow hard and saw beads of sweat forming on his forehead. Perfect. I knew that his cock had to be hard now. I sat across from him. And made sure to stick my already large chest out. He couldn’t take his eyes off of my breasts. The waiter came over and took our drink orders and then left. I smiled at him as he finally lifted his eyes to my face.

“This is a nice restaurant,” I said.

“Yeah, it is. It’s my favorite,” he replied.

He took a few sips of his water. I couldn’t help the fact that my inner goddess was doing summersaults at his expense. This man had no idea what he was in for. Little did he know, I booked the entire restaurant for the night so we could have privacy.

“It must be a slow night,” he said.

I shrugged as if it didn’t matter to me. The waiter came back with our drinks and took our food orders. After he left, I took my heels off and placed my feet on either side of his cock. Oh, yeah, he was hard. He moved my feet away quickly and his light, brown skin turned red.

“What are you doing? That’s extremely inappropriate.”

“I’m sorry. Guess I got the wrong idea,” I said sarcastically.

He eyed me up and down, stopping at my breasts.

“What I find inappropriate is that you keep staring at my breasts,” I said.

“Well, you got them all out for everyone to see!”

“If you want to keep staring at my breasts, unzip your pants and pull your dick out.”

He looked me in my eyes and he didn’t know what to say. He was in shock that I could even say anything like that. At work I keep the explicit language to a minimum, but outside of work, I say, and do, as I please with it.

“What if somebody sees?” he whispered.

“Trust me, nobody will.”

He looked around and put his hands under the table. I heard his zipper go down. When his hands were back on the table, I leaned forward and grabbed his cock. He gasped as I stroked him up and down. His breathing increased. He tried to keep cool and pretend nothing was happening. He moved closer to the edge of his seat so I could get a good grip on his full length. The waiter came back with our food.

The look on Wayne’s face was priceless because I didn’t stop jerking him off. I kept my eyes on him and he kept his on me. I felt his whole body stiffen. He was about to release and the waiter was still there placing the food on the table. He put a hand under the table and tried to get me to stop but it was too late. He let out a yell and guided my hand faster up and down his length. The waiter paid no attention and walked away. Wayne’s release was all over my hand. I licked it all off. He watched, still breathing hard and zipping his pants.

“Why didn’t you stop and why are you licking my, you know, off your hand?”

“You really are a virgin aren’t you?” I asked quizzically.

He nodded and started eating his food. I smiled. This was going to be fun. Even though he was 20 years older than me, I get to show and teach him a few things. I ate my food and we talked about music. That was all we ever really talked about. Music was his thing. He liked rap, R&B, old school and a lot more. We had similar tastes in artists and genres. This man had no idea the things I thought about doing to him. If only he knew. I got up and sat next to him, undoing his pants again. He grabbed my hands.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to suck your dick.”

“What?” he exclaimed.

“You heard me.”

He moved his hands, slowly, and I pulled his dick out again. He got bold and touched my breasts.

“You can pull them out if you want,” I smiled.

He didn’t move so I pulled them out for him. He grabbed both of them and put his cock in my mouth. It was so big.

“Ah,” he groaned.

He pinched my nipples and I felt my pussy start to get wet. Sooner or later, I was going to have to fuck him. I heard footsteps coming towards us and I got under the table, still sucking his dick.

“Will there be any dessert, sir?”

I grazed his cock with my teeth and he jumped.

“Uh, uh, no, that’s, that’s all,” he stammered.

The waiter was clearing the table. He was going particularly slow. What Wayne didn’t know was that this was apart of my plan. I wanted to break him out of his shell. I was going to make him cum while the waiter was standing there. I guess Wayne finally broke out of it because next thing I know he grabbed my head and was thrusting his hips forward, fucking my mouth. He let out a loud groan and released down my throat. The waiter pretended not to notice and Wayne seemed a bit angry. The waiter left and Wayne yanked me out from under the table.

“I don’t know what kind of game you’re trying to play but this is wrong,” he seethed.

“How is it wrong?” I asked, leaning back, playing with my hard nipples.

He watched me and jumped forward and grabbed one with his teeth. He bit down hard, making me yelp a little. He moved his hand up my thigh to my dripping pussy. I had no panties on. He inserted two fingers and fingered my clit with his thumb. He hit both my g-spot and my clit at the same time. I was moaning louder now. The waiter came back and filled our wine glasses, ignoring us. I saw his cock start to bulge and I grabbed it, Wayne not even noticing.

I quickly unzipped the waiter’s pants and his hard, black cock fell out. I pulled him to my lips and teased his shaft with my tongue. I tasted his pre-cum. He was young. Maybe 20 or so. I stared in his eyes as I sucked his young cock. He came quickly and I licked his dick clean. I nodded my head back and he left. Wayne sped up his fingers on my g-spot and my clit. I came hard, yelling out. I pushed him back and quickly straddled him. I was going to fuck his big virgin dick so good. I slid down him fast and he breathed in deeply. I rode him hard and fast, barely giving him a chance to breath.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” he moaned.

He smacked my ass and bit down on my nipple hard. He was liking this.

“Yeah, ride it faster,” he growled against my nipple.

I bounced up and down fast and he grabbed my hips to pull me deeper. My breasts bounced up and down in his face and I felt his dick get harder. He was growling like a beast now. It was so turning me on. I let out a yell as I climaxed. My body convulsed and he followed. I got off him and licked both of our release off his dick. As it softened I took one of the table napkins to wipe myself clean. He stopped me.

“Get on the table and lay back in front of me,” he said. To be honest, I was a bit shocked.

“You’re not a virgin are you?”

“No, I’m not, now stop wasting time,” he smiled.

I got on the table and spread my legs towards him. I leaned back and I instantly felt his skilled tongue licking up my cum. It felt so fucking good. He buried his face deeper between my legs as he ate my pussy. I grabbed his bald head and squeezed his face with my thighs. I arched my back at the sensation as he nibbled on my clit ever so slightly. He pressed his tongue up against me harder and swirled it around.

I exploded in his mouth and screamed loud in pleasure. He licked up all my cum, slowly. When he was done, I got off the table and we fixed our clothes. He left the money on the table and we headed to exit the restaurant. Our waiter was standing there to say good bye. As I whispered in his ear that I left him a tip and my number on the table, I grabbed his cock and gave it a slight squeeze. He stiffened and we left the restaurant.


Sip and Share Queen Lyfe | Pursuit of Purpose

I was definitely glad I went to this event last night. I have been on this thing where I attend a lot more events this year that empower women and are all about networking. I want to make new friends and befriend women who are in positions that can help me while I also help them. Everything that Queen Lyfe represents is everything that means so much to me. Lyfe stands for Love Yourself First Everyday.

The panel of women who spoke, their stories touched me so deeply and I resonated so much with them. To hear their journeys about how they started their business. The fact that they still have 9-5 jobs and have their businesses is admirable and inspiring because that is what I am doing. I have a 9-5 as my side job and my main jobs are blogging, writing novels and poetry, creating and editing recipe videos, and influencing people on social media to live better and healthier lives by adopting a vegan lifestyle. Back to the event.


Jazzie and I

I went with my friend Jazzie and by chance we both won tickets. I met a woman, Dozie Oheri, who helps to empower children 6-18 and helps young girls love themselves through her nonprofit Choose to Do INC. I offered to have her come speak to the kids at my school.



I had a fan girl moment when I met the creator of Eclectic Vibez. I had been following her

Eclectic Vibez

for years and to see her in person was amazing. I was speechless for a few seconds. Then she told me my hair was juicy and I was ultimately flattered. She is so gorgeous in person.

I met a Black doctor, Dr. Teriya Richmond who has her own practice, M. Richmond, PLLC. She will most likely be my new gynecologist. I was too excited to meet her.


On the panel was Tera Roberson Stidum, who owns and runs and owns her own dating service, She Dates Savvy. Next, there was Denise Hamilton, CEO of Watch Her Work. Then there was Mimi, who owns Meyelabel, which sells corporate chic attire. Last but not least was Queen Lyfe herself, Candace.
This was an amazing event and I cannot wait to attend another and do more networking. I will also be getting a membership soon.



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5* for Sunshine’s Health Food Store & Vegetarian Deli

3102 Old Spanish Trl., Houston, Tx 77054

I have been seeing this restaurant posted on social media by different people for the past few years and still had not gone until June 17. I think it was because before they moved to this location, it was somewhere weird and far. The location they are at now used to be Beaucoup, a Cajun seafood restaurant and I went there a lot with my ex, before I was vegan and holistic (basically before I knew better).

What I like about this restaurant other than the fact that it is Black owned, is that it’s a health food store and you can buy supplements and all kinds of other things. When I walked in, it just felt right, just natural and the atmosphere was clean. The staff was super friendly and accommodating.

I ordered the nachos, which were bomb might I add. Even though the cashew cheese was sweet, the flavors blended together so I didn’t mind. I also had this Lemon Essence juice which was also really good (I like anything with ginger in it). I will definitely be going back. I am a huge fan of black owned health food stores and eateries. It gives me hope when I see my people trying to help each other out.

It is located in what we call 3rd Ward, which resides a lot of Black people, so having a healthy place to eat, is a huge step. I do hope to see in the future more stores and eateries in Black neighborhoods, hopefully owning one myself.

I highly recommend checking them out if you are in the Houston area or even just visiting.

Afro Hippie Vegan

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Being Clothes Free is Black Culture

White people have been appropriating Black culture for forever and a day and I’m so sick of it. Though I am proud of the fact that many of my people are waking up and noticing what’s going on and taking our culture back. Sadly, there is one part of our culture that black people aren’t taking back and has become a majority White thing: living clothes free.

I have hated wearing clothes since I was a child. Even to this day, I hate wearing them. Always having to figure out what to wear depending upon where I am going. Having to dress appropriately is a hassle and the fact that appearance is everything, makes it worse. This is why I don’t work in corporate America. Back to the topic.

I have not been in public clothes free due to many of the gatherings being majority older, White males or majority White. I would feel more comfortable around my own people. What many don’t know, the reason Black people wear clothes is because Europeans, when taking my people from the Motherland, saw them naked and were instantly jealous that our body parts tended to be much larger than theirs. Some of them even paraded us around like animals in a circus. Some have done it as late as the 1950’s.

We were the first to have lived clothes free lives and White people have taken that from us, just like everything else, and made it their own. They have a history of stealing from other cultures and making it theirs. Now not all white peoole are like this, but vast majority are, especially those voting for Trump (racist pig).

I write this post because being naked today is always sex related and it doesn’t have to be. I don’t get turned on every time I see a penis. It’s all in our heads. I love my body and the beauty of it glistening in the sun. The way the sun makes my melanin radiate is uncanning. Those who lack melanin can’t say the same. 

In closing, strip off your clothes and embrace your bodies, my Black people. After all, we did it first and have for centuries.

You can find this shirt on My Free Life.

Happily Clothes Free,

Afro Hippie Vegan

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Mind+Body+Soul Monday: Black Women Control Food

In the Black community, whose food do we always relish over? That of our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, aunties, etc. Basically, a Black woman. As Black women, we are the soul creators of delicious food in our community. We do the grocery shopping, preparing and cooking. We have the health of our families in our hands. Never thought of it that way, did you?

As Black women, we prepare food without any thought of if it is going to benefit our families or not. We prepare it to feed our families and make sure that it tastes goods. As millennial Black women, we hope to have husbands who love our cooking as much as they do their mothers and grandmothers. What if I said that as Black women, we have the ability to keep our race alive and thriving? Hear me out.

We love the foods that are fried, fatty, salty, artery clogging and heart attack causing. I used to be one of those women. Going vegan, I have found and made many vegan versions of my mother’s recipes and even those of my favorite ethnic foods. I am an avid cook and have been since I was in grade school. I want to one day cook for my future husband the foods he loves, but in a way that will be beneficial to his health.

Black mothers pay no mind to what they feed their children as long as they are fed. If you love your children as much as you say you do, stop feeding them death, violence, abuse and disease. Everything a Black woman feeds her child(ren) and family, needs to be of nutrients, health, healing, and above all, from the earth. Black women, our ancestral women before slavery, did not feed what we feed our families today. In the tribes in Africa, they fed them food of the land with a side of a little fish.

We grew our own foods and picked our own foods to ensure great health and healing in our men who worked all day, and children who played and worked as well. We need to instill that of our heritage and history in our daughters so that when they grow older, they can do the same for their children and families, and so on.

Black women,  have the power to change the declining population of our people. We have the power to heal those who are sick and dying. We hold so much power. We give life after all, so why not elongate it? We can make a huge change in our community. There are so many resources and Pinterest is a huge win with me, where you can find vegan recipes for absolutely anything.

My final words, Black women, love your families by giving them food that will keep them alive.

Mind, Body and Soul,

Afro Hippie Vegan