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Unity Vegan Kitchen Review

If I could give more than 5 stars dammit I would. This food truck was my initial first stop on this tour but because of my schedule and their hours, I ended up having to save the best for last. 
First let me say, the woman who took my order, I believe it was Leslie (sorry if I’m wrong), she was so nice and friendly and made my day when she said they had chikn n waffles. I had seen these all over IG and made it my mission to get them whenever I was in Austin. 

When I say they were everything, they were absolutely everything. The gravy was tasty as hell and I loved it on the waffle, despite me never thinking to put gravy on my waffles.

The waffle was cooked to perfection and the faux chicken had an abundance of flavor and tasted like chicken if I do say so myself. Talk about southern vegan comfort food. I have half a mind to go back before I leave and get it again.

Please, if you are ever in Austin, make this a priority.

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24 Diner Review 

My first time coming here was in 2010 when my brother graduated with his undergrad degree. This is one of his favorite restaurants and it’s open 24 hours, like in the name.

It wasn’t crowded the first time we came and it wasn’t crowded this time. Another major thing I like was it wasn’t cold. Most restaurants I go to have me sleepy before I even order my food. 

The first time I went I had the Betsy Veggie. It’s a handcrafted burger made with beets, lentils, flaxseeds and other delicious goodness. I swear I tried to recreate it but no such luck. 

Since then I had been feigning for that burger so when we went last night, I was too hype. It tastes just as good as I remember. My waitress was pretty amazing. The waiter the first time I came was very knowledgeable about the burger so I was comfortable ordering it this time. 

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The Vegan Nom Review

If I tell y’all that the taco I had should be damn illegal and questionable about being vegan. I’ve never had a vegan taco that taste so damn good and was super flavorful.

I am a huge fan of food trucks and I loved the location. There was no long line and they prepare your food fairly quickly. I ordered there Gracie Madre which came highly recommended by the woman who took my order. 

I took the first bite and fell in love. I will definitely be going back before I head back to Houston. 

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Capital City Bakery Review

This was my first stop when coming into Austin. I have been a loyal follower for quite sometime now on Instagram. This is a cute little bakery located on Ceasar Chavez. I got two cupcakes, the butterscotch chocolate and the pumpkin carrot cake. The lady who took my order was super friendly and helpful. I will definitely go back.


Review: The WhiteHall Houston (Staycation)

The WhiteHall Houston is located downtown and you really can’t miss it especially the way it is beautifully lit up at night. A friend of mine booked the hotel for the weekend to have a girl’s retreat. We had a cabana party, facials and a passion party.

We stayed in the presidential suite on the 12th floor and the views were indescribable. The front desk staff were so friendly and always had a smile and were willing to help. 

Though I didn’t eat at any of the onsite restaurants, they do have them for your convenience. The location is amazing and it’s so quiet. I guess being high up you can’t hear street traffic. 

The view at night was heavenly. I would definitely go back and stay, especially when I have a significant other.


Summer Traveling

So I am sitting here anticipating the last day of school (which is Friday and I can’t wait), I’ve been thinking about traveling over the summer. I am also awaiting the arrival of my renewed passport. I have been doing research on sites like Passport Heavy, Travel Noire, Black Girls Travel Too, etc., and I’ve been doing research for places to travel in 2018. Traveling is something that is near and dear to me since I have been a little girl, having lived in England for a few years. 

I have done some minor traveling like up and down the east coast of the US and cruises to Mexico, but never a trip where I had to take a plane and stay at a hotel in a foreign country. I have seen so many black millenials traveling around the world and I know that it is possible. I always thought that I had to wait until after my student loans were paid off, but now, I don’t have to wait. 

I will start small this summer and then travel big next year. There are places around Texas that I haven’t been and I want to see different places and waterfalls. I’ve seen so many different places in Texas that are beautiful and to not know that there were places to go in my own state. I think travel is important and necessary especially for POC. I know many people my age (28) who have never been on a plane or even left the state and I find that sad because they don’t know what else is out there. There is a whole world out there just waiting to be seen and discovered. 

I am going to make it a mission and a goal to travel as much of the world as possible in my lifetime, to visit every country and to have a passport full of stamps. I want to be well cultured. I don’t think I was meant to live in the US and work a 9-5 job until I retire. Many millennials are realizing this and taking advantage of the opportunity to be able to do it. 

Once I receive my passport I know it will be real and I will start planning for travel over the holiday breaks this upcoming school year. I will also start saving. I do plan to travel by myself because I think that would be best for me. I think traveling by myself will help me to find what it is I want to do and where I want to live. Being stationary is so toxic and not conducive to a healthy life, in my opinion, and I am only speaking for myself. Having lived in another country, there is so much more out there for me. 

If you are a POC and traveling, what has your experience been like and where have you been?