Short Story Sunday 4/30/2017 (Her Hustle Excerpt)

As she got closer, she stopped in her tracks. There at the table, was Rodney. Their eyes locked and they both had the same expression on their faces. "What are you doing here?" they both said in unison. Everyone grew quiet. Her sister, Anissa, was the first to speak. "How do y'all know each other?" … Continue reading Short Story Sunday 4/30/2017 (Her Hustle Excerpt)


Pleasing Him

My legs are shaking and my sex is wet, anticipating when your lips will finally meet mine. Your oral assault on me gets me every time. But let’s switch it up for a change, brushing your hard staff with the tips of my fingers, making you rise inch by inch until you are fully erect. … Continue reading Pleasing Him

Sexual Earthquake

Rapid thrusts like tectonic platesBodies vibrating like an earthquake Screams of pleasure Hands scrambling to grasp Ahold of something to hold on Breath short after what seemed like a marathon Juices flowing like Niagara Ecstasy overcomes like being high in the clouds Heaven bound, deep euphoria Entranced by the emotions, The electricity, the passion, The … Continue reading Sexual Earthquake

She Knows Who She Is

Single,  Introverted, Black, Curly hair that defied gravity, Sunkissed chocolatey skin, Mile long legs, Dangerous curves, Honey sweet lips, Soft, round breasts, Brown, sultry, seductive eyes, Voice of a Goddess, Intellecutally inclined. She is a Black woman. She loved herself, now, But it wasn't always that simple. Abused,  hurt,  promiscuous, Self conscious,  Doubtful, Lustful, Selfish, … Continue reading She Knows Who She Is

The Touch

She was already shaking, anticipation overcoming her. Controlling her arousal was something she tried to work on, but when it came to him, she would succumb to the pleasure. He gently touched her thigh, and felt the vibrations of her energy. She watched him, trying to be patient for the burning fire inside her was … Continue reading The Touch