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The Aftermath

It has been a long while since I have released a book or even a sneak peek of something that I am working on. I am pleased to give you all a sneak peek into my next novel which will be released this summer/fall. I haven't been excited about a project in so long, I… Continue reading The Aftermath

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How to Write a Novel

Writing a novel can be very overwhelming, even for professional and expert writers. Coming up with ideas, organizing, editing, expanding, building characters, setting, plot, etc., is a lot of work for one person. For me, many of my ideas stem from past experiences, fantasies, desires, things I've seen or heard, really just from all over… Continue reading How to Write a Novel

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Self-Publishing v. Traditional Publishing

When I first started writing novels, I cannot tell you how many inquiries I submitted to book publishing agencies. Every last one of them were denied. I believe I submitted over 100 inquiries and all were either denied or there was no response. When I found out about self publishing, I jumped on that ship… Continue reading Self-Publishing v. Traditional Publishing

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Growing up, my mom would buy me diaries for birthdays and Christmases. I wrote through all of them, poems, my feelings and thoughts, my latest crush, everything. I was one of those kids who loved to write. Even when I wrote letters to my friends, they were always more than two pages, front and back,… Continue reading Journaling