Her Hustle In Paris



It pulsated against his touch and lit me on fire. I wanted him so bad to touch me and run his fingers ever so gently against the slit between my folds, but I couldn’t give in. I couldn’t let him win. That was not how the game goes. He turned me around and I was looking in the mirror of the elevator. His breath on my neck and his hands on my breasts, squeezing them. I let out a gasp as he reached one hand inside and squeezed my right nipple. I leaned my head back on his shoulder and saw a camera in the reflection. I didn’t mind a show and I was going to get whoever off that was watching. I smiled at the camera and exposed my breast. He brought his other hand between my thighs, hiking my dress up. He trailed the line of my lips that enclosed the very thing that could make me lose control.” Join Danisha and her continuous promiscuity as she is bound, tied up and let loose, and we’re not talking just sexual inuendos. On her journey in Paris, she finds mind blowing sex, betrayal, heartache, familial battles and in the center of a drug cartel gone bad. She can’t trust anyone, not even her Parisian lover and especially not her own brother. Can she come out on top, or will she forever be on bottom?