Her Hustle

DIGITAL $7  PRINT $10 Danisha has made a living off having sex for money with married men who are unsatisfied at home. She has numerous clients, so she is always satisfied. Sometimes two or three times a day, but none better than her own fingers and toys. Her best friend is the only one who … Continue reading Her Hustle

Her Hustle In Paris

DIGITAL $7 It pulsated against his touch and lit me on fire. I wanted him so bad to touch me and run his fingers ever so gently against the slit between my folds, but I couldn’t give in. I couldn’t let him win. That was not how the game goes. He turned me around and … Continue reading Her Hustle In Paris

The Secretary

DIGITAL $5 Isn’t it always the case of the secretary wanting her boss? In this case, the secretary wants her boss’s husband and will stop at nothing to get him. Selena holds a vendetta against her boss from her childhood and is using her want for her boss’s husband as her cover. But when her … Continue reading The Secretary

Secrets of the Winter Killer

DIGITAL $6 PAPERBACK $10 Jason and Nadia just got married and are going on their honeymoon to a secluded cottage, miles away from civilization. They are enjoying each other until they learn that this town has some dark, deadly secrets. As they try to uncover them, it costs them the lives of those closest to them. Deceit … Continue reading Secrets of the Winter Killer

Secrets of the Asylum

In the second installment of the Secrets Trilogy, Nadia and Jason are trapped in an asylum and they know that it’s not just any asylum. When evil twins appear and ghosts from the past come to the future, Nadia isn’t sure she can save her and Jason, even with the transfer of powers from her mother. Can they survive this asylum, or will they be committed for life?

Don’t Tease Me

Everyone wants to have sex with Tiffany. Her porn films get the most ratings and the most sales. So, it’s not unusual that one of her co stars gets obsessed with her. Tiffany may not like a tease, but when she becomes one to teach the co star a lesson, she soon regrets it.

Adult Bedtime Stories

A collection of short erotic stories to get you hard, or wet, at night. This is especially written for those of you that are lonely, celibate or even abstinent. A great way to have safe sex.

Therapy, Now in Session

  Poetry has always been my drug of choice. It’s a way to escape reality and get a natural high without the fear of doing something reckless. I wrote this book of poems as an entry into my mind of thoughts on love, lust and life. Each poem was written based on past experiences, fantasies … Continue reading Therapy, Now in Session