Walmart Fall Haul | Single Mom Low Budget Edition

Woooooo! It’s been a while y’all! How y’all livin’? It’s been crazy around these parts, and if you want all the things (the tea, the gossip, the word, the drama), check out my video here.

Now I’m no bourgeoisie chick, in fact I’m rather cheap. I like to save a coin whenever I can. Fun fact: I don’t buy clothes for myself. Believe it or not, I’m not the buying clothes type. I’ll typically buy clothes for my son who is ever growing, but for me, I’ll wear clothes and shoes until the soles fall off and the thread unravels to my parts that should not be seen.

My coworker mentioned on Friday that she had been watching videos of women doing Walmart try on hauls. Now I watch try on hauls all the time, but u had never heard of try on hauls from Walmart. I only go to Walmart for last minute essentials. Well, not anymore.

Apparently I have been sleeping on Walmart. I know they sell clothes and always have, and I used to shop there many moons ago. As I got into my late 20s and early 30s, shopping for clothes at Walmart was a distant thought.

So what did I do Saturday? I binged on Walmart try on hauls on YouTube of course. I needed to see what I have obviously been missing. Boy was I in for a surprise. I got Khai and I dressed and headed to Walmart. I was thoroughly impressed by their selections, especially in the plus size section since your girl is slim thick. Check out my try on haul and let me know where you usually buy clothes.

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