So, I’ve picked back up with writing, novels that is. I’ve taken a long enough hiatus. I haven’t published a novel since 2015-2016, so I am long overdue. Writing took a back seat for a while because I had lost my confidence in how well of a writer I am.

Despite people telling me that I was talented, my books were amazing, and that I was good at what I do, it still wasn’t enough to make me feel like I was all of those things. I felt less than.

I blamed life: work, my son, anxiety, everything but what was the true culprit of why I had stopped writing. Now, I’m more confident than ever. I’m writing a new novel, and I’m excited about it. I’ve written the first chapter and can’t wait to see how my mind ends the book, bringing everything full circle.

I hope you all join me on this ride!!

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