Conscious Parenting Tip #1: Spankings won’t get your kid to “act right”

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Now I know there’s going to be people saying, “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” I think that’s total BS. We come from this mentality that if a child “acts out of character,” then you spank them. Here’s my issue with that: there are people spanking babies. Another thing is some people take it too far and then it becomes abuse.

You have people using all kinds of objects to hit or throw at their child. But why? In all honesty, it’s out of frustration. You don’t know why your child is acting the way they’re acting, so your frustrated and you resort to physical punishment. But where did you learn that? Your parents.

Parents then wonder why their kids hit other kids at school. They’re exhibiting exactly what you taught them: when some one frustrates you, instead of figuring out the root of their behavior, you hit them. That’s why so many adults grow up and have domestic violence issues.

And what is the whole point of spanking a child? I’m not saying I’m perfect. I’ve popped my son’s hand a few times, and then felt guilty. Why? Why did I feel guilty? I think it has a lot to do with the fact that he’s only 15 months, and yes he understands some things, but not all. I had to step back and look at myself and ask myself what was wrong with me, why was I frustrated. I’ve told him several times not to throw things on the floor, pull my hair, etc. what I realized is that he was trying to gain my attention and tell me something.

The food on the floor meant he was done eating because do kept trying to get him to eat. Pulling my hair was a way of him telling me to put my phone done or stop watching television and pay attention to him. Haven’t you told your child to stop doing something several times over and they still keep doing it? Did you ever think that maybe they were doing it for your attention, no matter if the attention was positive or negative? Maybe they felt you don’t pay enough attention to them and you’re always wrapped up in your own head.

I don’t think that spankings/whoopings/ beatings are the answer to getting your kids to act the way you think they should act in your head. They’re kids. They’re still learning. You, as their parent, have to guide them and teach them, even if you have to repeat yourself a million times. Kids have super short attention spans and need to constantly be reminded.

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