Choosing a Therapist

When I decided to give therapy a try again, I wanted to be intentional about whose hands I would put my mental health in. When it comes to mental health, it’s important to in trust someone who is capable of healing you mentally, emotionally, and even give viable options for physical healing.

With my insurance through my job, I get free sessions per issue that I have and I have several issues that need to be resolved. So when it came to choosing a therapist, I knew I would need someone who was able to cater to my various issues. Some other qualifications was that she needed to be black and a single mom.

I was able to choose ethnicity when I went to my insurance’s website to search for a therapist. I could also choose the age range and distance from where I live. Through my search, I made sure to find each therapist on social media and kind of get a feel for them through their feed. My current therapist is a black, single mom. Her only child is also a boy. We had way too much in common in order for me to not choose her. She was an awesome choice.

If you decide to go to therapy, make sure you do your research, and in depth at that. Don’t just settle for someone who is close or the same race. Look for other things y’all have in common and that they can cater to all your needs.

I also suggest using Therapy for Black Girls’ directory to find a therapist if you are adamant about having a black therapist. Their directory is extensive and covers the entire country. That directory is not just for black women, men can find a therapist on there too, if they want a woman therapist.

I chose to go back to therapy because now that I am a mom, I don’t want to pass down any of my issues to my son, nor do I want to project my issues on him. I didn’t want my past to affect the way that I am a mother to him. I also didn’t want my past to affect my future when it comes to romantic relationships. In order to heal, I have to be willing to do the work and accept the help.


  1. Deff is a daunting task choosing the right one. I also would like to return to therapy to better myself for my children and my family.

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