Pampers Pure Diapers

Malakhai is so photogenic. Anytime there’s a camera, he’s always posing. I love candid shots of him, especially these. 

This morning he slept in until 7 and I was thrilled because that means mama slept in. Typically he’s up by 5-5:30.

At home he typically wears cloth diapers and he since birth. Yesterday I received these @pampersus @pamperspure diapers from @Influenster. They were given complimentary in exchange for an honest review, which I did on my IGTV. These diapers are 100% cotton and mobile. For someone one the go like Malakhai, he needs something that moved with him. They have a pH strip to indicate when he has urinated and if you look close, you can see the blue strip, meaning he has used the bathroom.

. I highly recommend these diapers if you are a cloth diaper mama to use when out and about. Take comfort in that there’s no dyes, chlorine bleach, parabens or any other harmful chemicals. Malakhai has super sensitive skin so these are perfect.

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