Nightly Skincare Routine

I get this question so often about how my skin is so clear and smooth. I even have people ask what kind of makeup I wear (I don’t wear any, btw). The number one thing to have clear skin is to drink tons of water. It helps to detox and purify the body, ridding it of all toxins and waste. It also unclogs your pours so your skin can breathe. Now, I’m addition to drink a gallon of water a day, I use the following products.

This cleanser is amazing. I found it at Burlington and it was only $4. It works wonders on my face and I can instantly feel my face being rehydrated. There are no harsh chemicals and it is not heavily scented. It has a gel like texture but lathers like any other cleanser. There’s also not an overpowering smell of tea tree.

Next, I moisturize with Africans shea butter. This shea butter is raw and unfiltered, straight from Africa. I bought it off Amazon. This brings add moisture and oils to my dry skin. I also use this for my son. He has really bad eczema and it has cleared it right up. Did you know shea butter has antifungal properties?

Last, I use a serum and this is the only serum I’ve ever used and I highly doubt I’ll switch to anything else. It smells amazing and is not highly potent. It does have a little tingle going on but that quickly subsides. My skin feels amazing after putting this on and I wake up with a fresh glow in the morning. I’d love to have something like this for the whole body.

As a mom, we don’t have to let ourselves go, and we shouldn’t. Make time for yourself and especially your skin. Yes, motherhood does wear and tear on the body, but we don’t have to look like it does.

What’s your nightly skincare routine?

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