Turning Over a New Leaf

Khai went to stay with his dad for a few hours yesterday. Let’s have a moment of silence for how much growth that took me. I know how important it is for a black boy to have his father active in his life. Saturday was also an important day for his dad and his family. It was the one year anniversary of his sister’s passing and what kind of person would I have been to not let him go?

I’m beginning to take owenership of a lot of things in my life, but I’m also beginning to let a lot of shit go and speak up for shot o don’t agree with. In navigating single motherhood, I’m finding my voice and standing my ground for my son. I’m also stepping back when I know I’m about to cross some boundaries.

This season of growth comes with so many blessings and a relief from anxiety. I was on edge the entire time Khai was gone and it’s not that I don’t trust his dad to protect and take care of him, it’s just I’m not used to him being away with other people than those I know.

When he returned, I felt a sense of peace. I realized it wasn’t so bad. Of course I busied myself with running errands and meal prepping (which took the entire 4 1/2 hours). He’ll be keeping him longer for the next few Saturdays while I work and it puts my mind at ease knowing he’s with his dad and they’re bonding.

How did you handle your kid(s) staying with their father for the first time? Does it get better?

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