First Quarter Down, Three More to Go!

The place I’m in now, I never thought I could be here. So much has transpired since last Thursday that I don’t even know where to begin, so I’ll start from the beginning. First, my principal got promoted to principal of her graduating high school. That’s a huge deal and I’m extremely happy for her. To be able to be principal at a place you spent your last four years in grade school, is an amazing accomplishment.

My principal moving to a new school has inspired me to change my career path and get out of elementary teaching. I plan to take my journalism certification soon to teach journalism in grades 7-12. I graduated with a journalism major and I would love to be able to teach my craft. Fingers crossed!!

On last Saturday, my son’s father and I actually had a sit down conversation and are now somewhat on speaking terms. I still don’t care for him but at least this is one step closer to a co-parentship (he has a long way to go on his part).

Monday, I took my ESL certification exam. I was more prepared than I thought I would be. I should have my results sometime today, and I’ll be sure to post it across social media.

I wrote and finished two self-help books this week (it’s slring break so I had time). That’s a huge deal as well because I’ve never written a self-help nor had I ever intended to, but I got two done and was only supposed to write one.

My cookbook is coming to a close and the date has been pushed back to April. March felt a bit rushed and I’m a perfectionist so I had to push it back to add some finishing touches. I’m revamping the cover and doing something totally different. I’m also changing the name.

This first quarter has been nothing short of amazing and I can’t wait to see what this next quarter holds. How are you so far on your quarterly goals if you set any?

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