I’ve been in education for the past 6 years and 4 of those years were spent in the classroom as a teacher. Everyone knows teachers are severely underpaid, but have the most important jobs. Without teachers, there’s no education. So this brings no surprise that teachers in certain parts of the country, are on strike.

We deal with heavy workloads (we aren’t body builders), unsupportive administration and parents, poor behaved children, state testing, sacrificing our families, sleepless nights, lack of resources, and to top it off, we have low wages. We are extremely overworked and underpaid/under appreciated, yet we still come to work and are beasts at our jobs. Often times, we have nothing to show for it.

In Texas, there is a march in the capitol on March 11, the first day of our spring break. I would attend, but I am taking my ESL certification test that day. It’s sad that when you have such an important job as a teacher, firefighter, policeperson, and any other underrated career, you go unnoticed and aren’t paid for the services you do for this country.

In Texas, the legislation is proposing that we receive a $5,000 raise, and I believe that is the least that can be done. If people only knew the half of what teachers go through on a daily basis, I think we would have more people advocating for us, and parents would cut us some slack. Our job is no easy feat, nor is it for the faint of heart.

Do you think teachers should receive a raise? Why it why not?

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