My Life

Goals for 2019

1. Buy a house

2. Stay consistent

3. Get out more

4. Stick to a $0 based budget

5. Plan in my planner for my quarterly goals

6. Lose 30 lbs

7. Pay down debt

8. Be more open to a friendship with a male

9. Execute all projects that are planned for the year

10. Work full time for myself

11. Travel at least once in or out of country

12. Work on my mental health – therapy

13. Let go of things that I can’t change

14. Save money for my emergency fund

15. Journal everyday

16. Exercise at least 3 times a week

17. Grow my mom tribe

18. Build self confidence

19. Fall deeper in love with myself

20. Be an amazing mother in all the things that I do

21. Read a book a month

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