I Gotta Baby, I Need Some Money

So I was sitting in the dentist’s office scrolling through Instagram, and low and behold I see a post from Cardi B. Her new video for “Money” dropped. I quickly go to my YouTube app and search for the video. After watching it, my first thought was, “Did you expect anything less?” And I mean that in the most respectful way. 

I have so much respect for her simply because she does not try to be anything that she’s not. She’s not fake and she’s humble about where she came from, from being a stripper, dancing in the club, to still using her skills to make money today. She always talks about when she was a dancer and is still proud of it. She’s also apart of the Bloods gang. She appreciates everything that she has gone through and done because it has gotten her to where she is today.

I honestly imagined her video would be raunchy with class. She filmed it in a bank and a strip c!ub. She also showcases her skills on the stripper pole and dancing. That’s who she is and she’s humble about it. She’s not ashamed of where she came from, because if it wasn’t for that, I don’t think she’d be rapping today.

What gave me the biggest respect about her video is seeing her breastfeeding her child. Many people made the comment that that wasn’t actually her baby, however, I think those parts were shot when Kulture was first born. Regardless, from one breastfeeding mom to another, hats off to her.

She takes pride in being a mother and I honestly think that’s why she hasn’t taken Offset back. I also don’t blame her. She has a baby and a booming career. She doesn’t have time for the constant public humiliation. She is the epitome of a hardworking mother and I can only giver her props for it.

I know many people after seeing the video called her a ho. Do you think she’s bothered? She has capitalized on what many call “hoish” ways and behavior. Also, Cardi doesn’t give a fuck about what people think of her as long as she’s still getting them coins.

What did y’all think of her video?

2 thoughts on “I Gotta Baby, I Need Some Money”

  1. I absolutely Love the video, As a Filmmaker, The story that was portrayed in just 3 minutes and 26 second’s of the whole video, genuinely grabbed my attention, Heart mind and soul. I teared up knowing where she is today, it’s because of her hard work, dedication and faith in God.

    It’s like seeing your own family win first place in life with a hint of offset drama.

    She loves him, they are in Puerto Rico today 21 December 2018, Offset wish was for Xmas to spend time with his Wife and Kulture.

    I Pray the best for them, their Relationship is not for the public.

    You’ve note down about breastfeeding,

    I truly believe the world need’s to not sexulise breastfeeding and think of it as taboo in some part of the world.

    Like you’ve displayed Monique, breastfeeding should be beautiful and magical because that bond is temporary till they grow old and become a pain in the butt😂.

    Thank you Monique for this blog.

    P. S. Please make a video about it too.
    Big Fan
    Roshan Meranchi

    1. Yes! You are so right about it all. And I agree, their relationship isn’t for the public but Offset made that decision to embarrass her publicly not only with the cheating, but also his apology. He even went as far as to interrupt one of her performances with flowers and she was pissed. I would’ve been pissed too. I hope she just enjoys her holidays and takes time for herself and her daughter and just let him be.

      The details and creativity that went into this video is astounding and nothing short of Cardi B. Everything she does, it’s always her, it fits her.

      As for breastfeeding, I hate that it is sexualized and the only people who really complain are women because they don’t want their boyfriends or husbands looking. I honestly don’t think men think there’s anything sexual about a woman nursing her baby. It’s the insecurities of other women that is the problem.

      Thanks for your comment!!

      Moniqua + Malakhai

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