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30 Blogs in 30 Days…Completed

I can’t believe it! I wrote and posted 30 blogs for the entire month of November!!!!! Woooohoooo!! And it sucks because I’m in bed. I took off work because I was vomiting all morning (meal prep spoiled). Clearly I need to eat meals that may spoil, earlier in the week than later.

Anyway, I can’t believe I put myself to a challenge. I have another challenge that I’m going to work on for the month of December: 31 videos in 31 days. You read that right. My plan is to record, edit and upload 31 videos for the month of December, to my YouTube channel. So that means I have to start tomorrow right? Right!

This will be a little more challenging because it requires more effort and work than writing blog posts. I can knock out and schedule blog posts like I have been (except for this one, which I am currently writing and about to publish.

Do you think I can do it? I accept this challenge and I’m going in with confidence and excitement. Let’s knock out the rest of 2018 with a bang.

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