Broccoli and Farts

You may or may not know that I’m vegan. I’ve been vegan 5 years now and I consume the hell out of fruits and veggies. Since having Khai, I’ve revamped the way I’ve been eating specifically to cater to his nutritional needs. Little did I know, some foods make him gassy, the kind of gas that can make you want to vomit.

For such a tiny human he sure let’s off rounds of carbon dioxide. One food in particular that makes him super gassy is broccoli (which also makes me gassy so idk why I eat it. It’s also a hybrid food).  Needless to say, after this week (because I’m not one to throw food away) I will not consume it until after he stops breastfeeding.

If you breastfed your child(ren), what are some foods you had to cut out?

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