Macy’s “Missed the Mark” too

Here we go again with another company who shows racial inequality in an ad and then apologizes for it. As Black and Brown people, we need to stop allowing this bullshit, because that’s what it is. 

Here’s my thoughts on this ad and all ads showcasing racial inequality:

I guess the figure if they portray our “stereotypes” that we’ll stop shopping with them, but you have too many of us who will see this and still shop there. Propaganda. People are so quick to forgive and forget, and yell “boycott” but don’t stand true to it. I personally don’t shop at Macy’s and haven’t since I got fired in 2013 because I was late. 

These companies are nowhere near apologetic because these types of ads are their MO. You can read the article here, but it’s just another company who met their goal. You can’t honestly get me to believe they have no Black or Brown people who work in HQ or digital marketing.

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