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Black Women vs….well…Black Women

I was watching Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett-Smith, her daughter Willow, and her other Adrienne. They were discussing how Black Women should be the bigger people and bridge the gap between us and White Women. I had a huge problem with that. Why should it be up to use to bridge this gap that was not created by us? Why is it our responsibility? I feel like that’s a child begging to fit in with kids that they don’t belong with, or me trying to build a relationship with my father who doesn’t want any parts of it.

My most daunting question is: Why are we trying to bridge a gap between us and another race of women when we can’t even bridge the gap between us and other Black Women? That is where the real issue is. If we cannot come together as a race and build each other up, uniting as a group of women, why try to do it with another race? That’s like trying to find love with another person and you don’t even love yourself.

Black Women have been pitted against each other for the longest (since slavery). We have so much divide among us from hair, to skin color, to how we raise our kids, to being single parents, to body discrimination, to careers, etc. On top of that, we have to deal with our own mental health issues and realizing that we need professional help and that it is okay to seek it. 

So, even before we can bridge the gap between us and other Black Women, we need to deal with our own issues. We come from generational mental health disorders and a cohort of other issues that we don’t deal with, continuing to live life broken, going off of a hope, a wish, and a prayer that we will magically be whole again. It doesn’t work like that sis.

My issue with these “celebrities” is how they use their platforms to appease “other” people instead of uniting their own. Why are you begging to be a part of the masses who could not care less about you? You have little boys and girls who look up to you because you look like them, and they’re seeing you with your puppet strings putting on a show for kids who don’t look like you, controlled by the puppet massa’. How sway?

 I’m all for unity, but it starts with first healing yourself, working to unite the culture, and that’s where it stops. It is not our job to get everyone else to sing “Kumbaya”. What are your thoughts on this issue?

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