What I’ll Miss About Being on Maternity Leave

Now granted, I am a teacher and we get many breaks throughout the year, and I’ll be able to experience these things often but not as much, doesn’t take away from the fact that I’ll miss them.

1. Napping. Khai and I took so many naps throughout the days it wasn’t even funny. I’m not back at work and experience great fatigue during our regular nap times, although Khai is getting his naps in.

2. Playing all day. There were a plethora of days where Khai and I never left the house. Between naps, we played, watched Paw Patrol or Bubble Guppies, read books and just enjoyed each other. Granted I can still do those things but just not all day.

3. Outings. On days where we actually left the house, we went on a lot of outings, mainly him sleeping through all of them. On any given day I could just get us dressed and we’re out the door. Now I think it’s going to be strictly on weekends depending on how I feel after work.

4. Hanging out with my mom. Khai still gets to hangout with her since she’s keeping him while I’m at work, but the three of us were always in the streets these past few months.

5. Lying in bed after waking up. Many mornings, Khai and I would just lie in bed and stare out the window, as the sun came up. I will miss waking up to his smiling face and just laying there, basking in all that is my heart. Now when I wake up, I get ready for work, nurse him, grab my oatmeal and we’re out the door to drop him off at his MiMi’s house.

Now like I said, I can still do all of these things, just not all the time. Come thanksgiving break, Christmas break, spring break, summer break and all of the 3 day weekends, I can still do all of these things.

For my working moms, what did you miss about maternity leave when you went back to work?

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