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This is not something that only has one meaning nor does it look the same for everyone. When most people think of therapy, they think of going to an office of someone who is a licensed professional and telling them about their feelings. That is only one form of therapy. Then you have physical therapy which is to recovery from an injury, but let’s stick to therapy that is meant to alleviate emotional barriers.

I’ve gone to therapy and found that it wasn’t for me. So I ended up taking things into my own hands. Below are some of my current forms of therapy:






Practicing yoga



Spending time with my son


Planning in my planners

Talk to others

Walking outside



Gettinf my nails done

I know it seems like a lot, but these are things to help me get through whatever it is I’m going through. They help to clear my mind. Once my mind is clear, I take pen to paper in my journal and write everything out. I’ve come to a lot of realizations and breakthroughs doing a mix of all of these things.

If you haven’t joined the journaling challenge with Sage Yo’ Soul, I highly suggest it. It is day 3 and I’ve already spilled my guts in my journal. I didn’t expect this challenge to start off so strong and deep with it.

What does therapy look and feel like to you?

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  1. You and I have similar ideas about therapy. I’ve had sessions with an actual therapist before and they’ve been helpful for whatever it was I was going through at the time, but my insurance only covers so much and I have to pick up the slack on my own. I use a lot of these same methods of self care to get me through. Everyone is different and only you know what works for you. It’s not easy discovering these things, and equally hard sometimes to follow through and do the work. Good job, Mama! 🙂

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