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I went to the Houston vegfest on saturday and you may notice there are no photos, that’s because I didn’t take any. I wanted to just enjoy being there. Just because you didn’t take photos, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen or you weren’t there. I’ve gone to 3 out of the 6 that there have been and I’m hoping next year, they get a bigger venue like Reliant Arena. There was way too many people for such a small space.

I enjoyed the food and got to spend some time with Boys, Toys and Things Blog and one of her kiddos. I had a bistro burger, Mac n cheese, nachos, ice cream, a cupcake, a Mac n cheese veggie burger, ham and cheese kolache, cookies and a pop tart. Needless to say, my belly was happy and so was Boo’s.

After the Vegfest, we went to my parent’s house and got in the pool that my stepdad bought for Boo. Since we waited until it had cooled off, the water was chilly and the air was a smidge breezy, not ideal for an exhausted 3 month old.

He was good for about 30-45 min. but then became cranky and kept dozing off so we came home. Next time we’ll try when he’s fully awake and it’s warmer outside.


Also, Boo turned 3 months and I’m not too happy that he’s growing so fast. My little tink tink.

How did you spend your weekend?

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