Boss Lady: Lakisha Braxton from Millennial Mommy Fitness

I met Lakisha at Trap Yoga back in April. I was 9 months pregnant and trying to do whatever I could to get Malakhai out. I noticed her shirt and immediately struck up a conversation. Here’s her interview.


Welcome Lakisha! Thanks for being apart of this series. First, why don’t you tell the readers a little about you.

I’m a 37 year old mom of two girls 16 and 11. I’m [from] Baton Rouge, LA, currently residing in the Houston area.
I’ve been into sports and fitness since the age of 14 when I started playing basketball. I played high school basketball which led to a scholarship at Hampton University. I transferred to Southern University in Baton Rouge after two years. I graduated from Southern University with a degree in  Education.
I absolutely love sports and politics! My favorite place to be is on the beach with a good book.  I’m very passionate about improving the health conditions among minorities and women, especially when it comes to obesity, mental health, and HIV.

When did you start Millennial Mommy Fitness and why?

I officially started Millennial Mommy Fitness 6 months ago! However, the dream was formed about 4 years ago when I put a vision board together. The original vision was a bit abstract, but has become more focused and centered.

I notice you sell supplements. Are they okay for breastfeeding moms?

I don’t actually sell supplements.

MMFITNESS currently sells a topical cream (fat blaster) that is used in conjunction with sweat bands, exercise belts, or waist trainers to target belly fat. The fat blaster is all natural. Active ingredient is grapefruit oil and it also contains coconut oil and vitamin E. It is completely safe for breastfeeding moms unless there is an allergy to those ingredients.

MMFitness also offers waist beads. Waist beads have their origins in Africa. Used for such things as a rite of passage to enticing ones husband.

Personally, I use them because they help me monitor progress in my midsection. When I overeat, the beads roll up. When my waistline is shrinking, the beads are lowered.

What kind of projects are you working on? (If you want to disclose any)

Currently, I’m the special project. I’m a full time graduate student at the university of Miami studying sports administration. I’m also studying to become a certified personal trainer.

In the not so distant future, I want to expand the MMFitness brand, with a line of workout clothing designed with the Millennial Mommy in mind.

How do you balance mom life, your business and working out?

Planning!!!! I’m a teacher. This used to be one of my challenges. I’ve learned to plan my personal and business life just like I plan at work. I also allow myself to make mistakes and take breaks. I’m my biggest critic, sometimes to a fault.

What is you’re long term goal for your business?

Long term project is a full service gym with spa and juice bar.

Do you do personal training?

Currently no. I recently enrolled in a certification program.

Would you ever open a gym or something similar to CrossFit?

Lol yup. My plan for a gym is geared towards moms. I envision a retreat where childcare is provided by certified childcare professionals; a juice bar offering fresh squeezed juices and salads; and a salon spa where moms can be fully pampered.

Growing up, is what you’re doing now what you dreamed of doing? If not, what changed?

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I use to play school alone with my dolls.

I’ve been a classroom teacher for the past 13 years. Millennial Mommy Fitness is an extension of my calling (teaching). The Millennial Mommy Fitness mission is to inspire moms to take complete care of themselves holistically. I want to teach moms that their mental, physical, and spiritual health has to be in order to take care of their families.

What’s your motivation and why?

My motivation is my own kids. I’ve not always taken care of myself. One of my biggest fears is leaving them too early.

A few years ago I was a mess mentally, physically and spiritually. I’m still a work on progress but I’m in a much better space.

Now I want to share what I have learned to help others.

What do you want women to take away from what you do?

I want women to learn to take care of themselves in general.

How can people contact you?


Or on my social media account

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