Confessions of a Single Mom #7: I Could Never Love Another


More so I don’t want to love another. As much as I love my son, I don’t think I could ever love another child like a love him and I don’t want to. He is my entire heart and my entire world. Honestly, having another child is just out of the question and I know women have multiple children all the time. But I always wonder if moms who have multiple children, love them all the same. I’ve heard some moms favor a certain child over the other(s), and I don’t want to end up doing that. I feel like I would love Malakhai more since he’s my first born.

So I’m wondering, for the mamas reading this who have multiple children, did you find yourself loving or favoring one child over the other(s)? If not, is your love the same for all of them?

For moms of only one child, can you see yourself being able to love another child like that one? Do you plan to have more children?

5 thoughts on “Confessions of a Single Mom #7: I Could Never Love Another”

  1. I have 6 children. I have the same amount of love for each of them, but I love them different as they are individuals. I do not have a favorite child, though I love different things about each one of them.

    1. I’ve always wondered how women of more than two or three children was able to love them all them all. But it makes sense when you said you love them differently because they are all different.

  2. I always thought this before having my second child. I felt guilty. I really thought I wouldn’t love my newborn the same, but as soon as I met him I fell totally in love. Your love just multiples.

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