Caged Like Animals


What’s happening in south Texas, my state, is atrocious. Children are being taken away from their families and held in cages like wild animals. Small children who can’t fend for themselves. But I’m not surprised. This country has a history of caging people like animals and ripping children away from their families.

During slavery, children were taken from their mother’s arms and sold to slave owners far away. After Pearl Harbor, Japanese people in America were thrown in internment camps. Why? Oh because they are all terrorists. Just like how people acted towards Middle Easter and Muslim people after 9/11. This country has a history of not giving any fucks about POC, especially their children.

Now we have this piece of shit of a president who doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself. Mind you, his wife is an immigrant. All this is is history repeating itself. The kicker is he had a high Hispanic population vote. Ironic right?

What are your thoughts on this monstrosity?


  1. Although I am Canadian I am absolutely appalled that this is happening. Not only that it is happening but that not more voices are screaming their outrage. I am so sickened by the policies implemented. Children should never been ripped from the arms of their parents. Not the way that it is being done at the borders.

    • It’s ridiculous. I look at my son and cry because I can’t even begin to imagine. The youngest child they have is 8-months-old. Like what the absolute fuck? I have friends with babies that young. Often times I do consider moving to Canada. This country has gone from bad, to worse, to shit, to the fiery pits of hell.

      • You would be welcomed with open arms. I cannot fathom the mind that created these laws and the peversity of those who chose to follow and implement them. I am so sorry that you and your son are going through this.

      • I’m more so baffled by those implementing it. They certainly can’t be afraid to say no to something like this, knowing that they themselves have children at home. The fact that anyone would agree to this flabbergasting and it took Melania pulling him aside to tell him that it’s wrong and he’s being a monster. I can’t imagine what would be going through someone’s mind as they pull a child away from their mother. Reminds me like I said of slavery, the Japanese internment camps, the Muslim travel ban, and the Holocaust. History is just repeating itself over and over. It’s devastating.

      • Me too! How can so many disregard this and not scream with outrage? I am screaming and it hurts me badly to read the atrocities that are being perpetrated. 😠😠😠

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