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Fast Food for Standardized Testing? Nah.

Yesterday my students took their standardized test for the subject I teach (writing). Every year on standardized testing day, some fast food restaurant gives free breakfast. Now I’m all for free, however, the restaurants giving the free breakfast are terrible. This year, it happened to be the worst fast food place of all: McDeath…I mean McDonald’s.

McDonald’s has to be the worst fast food place of all fast food places. Their food is fake, full of chemicals, MSG, and a host of other things that should not be ingested. Everyone knows that they should not go there. Not only that, because everyone was waiting in line for their free meal, kids ended up being late.

Another reason I hate that these places give free fast food on testing day is that the parents will take their kids and give them this terrible food, which causes them to be sluggish, unfocused and sick. They won’t perform as well on their test because of the chemicals affecting their brain and ability to concentrate.

I really wish parents would stop giving their kids fast food. I have a student who gets donuts every morning for breakfast and for lunch they have some kind of animal on steroids because I have never seen meat that big. Then the parent wonders why this child is always sleep. The shit you’re feeding them is slowing them down and shutting their system down. To me, giving your child fast food is child abuse. People never think about what they’re feeding their child is child abuse. Child abuse comes in different forms but that’s a topic for another post.

How do you feel about children eating fast food? If you feed your child fast food, why? Would love to get a healthy discussion going.

2 thoughts on “Fast Food for Standardized Testing? Nah.”

  1. I admit that if we are going into the city on a Saturday I will stop at Mcd’s for a quick breakfast for us. However I have cut out the eating of fast food unless you are counting pizza. I love pizza and have discovered a new place that uses a lot of cheese, meat and veggies when making the pizza (not skimping so it is all crust and not much else) but as for the rest of them, they are no longer a blip on the radar when it comes to eating. (Also as I have cut out salt usage a lot of these places the food tastes like it was dipped in salt and uck)

    1. I love pizza too and I don’t consider that fast food unless it’s somewhere like Cici’s or Little Caesar’s. Most fast food places try run your blood pressure up with the salt.

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