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Professional Quitter…

I’ve quit a great many things in my day. I would always get a great idea, start, get bored or become complacent, and then stop. That is what has happened with my journaling.

Growing up, I was an avid writer. I went through diaries like none other. I was an emotional kid who suffered from some trauma, and writing was my way of coping. As I got older, the writing became more intense. (Side note: I regret not keeping my diaries over the years.) It matured as I did. When I was in a dark place, which was often, I would write. It kept me from committing suicide several times.

Writing helps to keep me focused and allows me to pour out and dump my emotions on the page rather than in someone else. I hate dumping my emotions on others to where they now have to carry that package, passing off negative energy. Yes, it is true that there are people who get paid to be dumped on (no pun intended), but I just don’t feel that comfortable dumping on anything but a toilet.

Over the last few years I have started and stopped writing in my journal. I remember year before last that I wrote in it everyday. For some reason during my pregnancy, I just haven’t wanted to write in it and I think that may be because I’m actually happy. On the other hand, that’s no excuse to stop writing in it. I should write when I’m happy, mad, sad, depressed, etc. Why is it that we always nurse the bad moments and sonwuick to celebrate the good then move on? How backwards is that?

I’m not going to lie and say that I vow to write in my journal everyday, but I will be more consistent, even in my happy moments. Sometimes I may take to my blog for journaling sessions and that’s okay. It’s fine to want others to talk to that don’t know you but may somehow understand how you feel and what you’re going through.

Have you ever found that you start and stop something often? Or are you the type that others envy because you’re so damn consistent? Share you thoughts below!


Moniqua LaShae, aka the quitter

6 thoughts on “Professional Quitter…”

  1. I always started to write a story but the problem is I can’t finish it. And then, I would write another story and can’t finish it again. But I’m happy to know that writing was keeping you alive. I have a diary too and it always makes me inspired.

  2. I use to always have ideas of what I wanted to write. Have started so many different novels over the years and dumped them. When I first started my blog I did not post daily. It was hit or miss. Than I realized that the more I did write, the more things I found to write about. Not only when I was sad or hurt or angry. I think we worry that our inspiration comes only from the bad, I know I did.

      1. I hope that you can find your muse. Have ypu thought about keeping a pregnancy journal? In the last months? Think of it as a small book for your son when he is older. Something you can share with him. I never did but now am writing things down in Tism’s. He thinks it will be cool to look at as a teenager

    1. I didn’t even think of that but I definitely will start writing a letter each year for his birthday of the past year and give it to him for his 18th birthday. Thanks for the idea.

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