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Single Parent v. Single Parent

Most people have the definition of a single parent misconstrued. If you ask anyone, 9 times out of 10, they will say a single parent is someone who is single and a parent. That is actually not the case. A single parent is a person who is taking care of their child(ren) by themselves, without the help of the other parent.

Most single women who have a child(ren) are single mothers because the father is not around. For example, my mother was a single mother with me because once she and my father divorced, he was not around and found ways to get out of paying child support.

I currently am single and I’m a mother, but I’m not a single mother. My son’s father is involved as of right now (things can always change, but I pray that they don’t). There are even single fathers and I know of some personally: men who have kids and the mother is nowhere in sight, which is awful because how can a woman abandon a child she carried for 10 months?

The abandonment of a child by either parent is detrimental to their mental and emotional growth as they grow older.

All in all, their is a difference between a single parent and someone who is single and also happens to be a parent.

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