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Nutrition vs. Taste

Many things change when a woman becomes pregnant. Hormones, skin, physical features, mentality, etc. one of the biggest changes for me was food.

As a vegan, I already eat pretty healthy (in my mind anyway). However, when I am making food choices now, it’s no longer about me; it’s about the baby. I’m always wondering if what I’m eating has a high nutritional value: fiber, iron, folic acid, protein, vitamins and minerals. I’m always thinking of how what I’m eating is going to be beneficial for my tiny human that’s growing inside me.

Most pregnant women have cravings, many of astronomical absurdity. For me, my only craving has been kale. At first I thought maybe I was low on iron, but because I eat a lot of grains, I take an iron supplement, and the doctor says my levels are in the normal range, I exed that off the list. Then I thought about protein, but as much as I eat pumpkin seeds (everyday, don’t judge) and other protein rich plants, I knew that couldn’t be it either. Finally, I just settled on the fact that maybe that’s just my pregnancy craving, which to most, is pretty weird.

Before becoming pregnant, I would eat for taste. If it tastes good, I’m eating it. Even when I cooked I would go heavy on the herbs and spices. Now, taste is not even a thought in my mind when I cook or eat out.

What were some of your pregnancy cravings? Did your attitude about food change when you became pregnant?

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