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Midwife and Water Birth

I have been searching and searching for months to find a midwife (specifically a black one) to deliver my baby. I have always been interested in a water birth and I have seen hundreds of videos. Yesterday (November 20) I met with Afua Hassan, owner of The Birthing Place, in Houston, Tx. Soon as I stepped in, I knew immediately that that is where I wanted to have my baby. It’s so welcoming and the scents from the essential oils is what really got my attention (I’m an essential oil junkie).

She gave me a tour of the center. It has two bathrooms, two birthing rooms and two birthing pools. I was sold. She is very personable and attentive. We talked for quite some time and I knew that when I left, she was going to be my midwife. I didn’t know how I was going to pay her, but I knew she was it.

A water birth resonates with me because they baby is in water for 9 months (actually 10), so why not have the baby born in water? It just makes sense. She went over the transfer procedure, in case I need to be transported to the hospital. She basically settled all my doubts and fears, and answered all of my questions.

Though I don’t have much support in this decision, I have to do what is best for me and my baby, and having a midwife and water birth is best.  I am all about energy and vibes, and I don’t get positive or energizing vibes from the hospital. I wait for 2 hours in the waiting room just to see my OB/gyn for five minutes then pay and leave. I want and need an experience that I will remember and can tell my child when they get older.

I am excited to work with Afua and bring my baby safely, and naturally into this world.

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