Baba Yega

My friend Jazzie told me about this place months ago and I’m not sure why I am just now getting around to it and I could kick myself for it. It’s located off Montrose and it’s a nice little restaurant. It kind of has seating for everyone. They have the inside area that looks more upscale that I assume may be for if you want a classy date or something. They have another inside area that looks like it was added on to the building and seems for something more casual. Then they have the outside area. I sat in the casual area.

What made this experience so amazing was my waiter, Gareth. He was so nice, personable, attentive and knowledgeable of their vegan items. He asked if I wanted the artichoke dip as an appetizer, and upon asking him if it was vegan, he recommended the spinach dip, which was vegan. I was blown away at the taste. It was unreal that it was vegan. It came with some fresh tortilla chips.

As my meal, I ordered the Veggie Black Bean burger. When Gareth brought it out, he said that the chipotle mayo that came on the burger was not vegan, so he had them just put their regular vegan mayo on it. Talk about going to bat for a customer. I would’ve never known that the mayo wasn’t vegan. It came with a side of fries and a pickle spear. The fries were really good, and I could tell they weren’t the fake ones that come frozen that you get from most fast food places and restaurants.

It was a great experience and I have Gareth to thank for that, and the chef for making such amazing vegan food.

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