Tout Suite HTX

I stumbled upon this place on Instagram from someone I followed. They were listed as a suggestion. I saw all the pictures on their page and knew I had to check them out. Once I got here, I could tell it was it by the white and black building and their symbol on the doors. It’s a very cozy place and also a great place to work, which is where I am writing this post. It’s somewhat noisy but as I began to write, the noise cancelled out. The lights are dim, the furniture is all wood. It reminds me of a type of lounge, that also happens to serve food. 

When you walk in, you are just above street level. They have a lower level that is at street level. They have to areas to order food so the line doesn’t get long and they have an area to order just a drink, which I find very convenient if you just want a coffee or latte. The staff is very friendly and upbeat. The woman who took my order was very accommodating. I order their toast options and I did the combination, but had them switch out the salmon toast for another mushroom. She made sure to put my order in all caps that I was vegan so they would not use butter or add cheese to it. I was very impressed with how nice she was in making sure that my order was completely vegan, even going back and talking to the chef and asking the manager if it was okay to substitute the salmon. 

The one thing that I didn’t like was the restroom is co-ed. Yes you read that right. There are I believe 6 or 8 stalls, half on each side and they are divided by the sinks. I was confused going in because a man was coming out and I thought I had not listened correctly when told where the restrooms were, behind the sliding barn door. That was my only negative about the place.

They also have what is called The Annex, which is a coworking space where people can come to work, collaborate, hold meetings or if you need an office space outside of the house, you can get a private room. I’m actually considering getting one because I do work from home, but sometimes I get lazy and comfortable and don’t really get anything done. They also have a kitchenette where you can store or heat up your food. So it’s like an office except you are working for yourself. I had actually been looking for a coworking space, and here one fell into my lap. 

Overall I had a great experience and I will definitely be coming back.

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