Social Media: Relationships (Platonic and Romantic)

I temporarily disabled my account today on IG to really evaluate what I want my page to be about and what I want to share with people. I don’t really share things in my personal life. It seems as of lately that so many people I come across on social media, take it seriously.

I’ll admit that you meet amazing people and even form new friendships, but what is the true testament of this formed friendship? For example, I met this guy and we talked for a while. Found out he is definitely not the man for me, however, we decided to be friends. Well, he evidently does not understand what friend means for he still flirts and says things that friends don’t say to each other. To my point, I ended up unfollowing him because he posted quite a few things that regarded women as derogatory words. 

I’m not the type to comment on someone’s post when I disagree or feel offended by what they post. I unfollow. I don’t like negativity and degrading of women on my timeline, especially that of black women. He got really upset about it and wanted to know why I unfollowed him and didn’t tell him. Because it’s social media. It’s not that serious.

Since when has social media become the sole means to people communicating? How did likes and follows become the definition of self worth and proof that people have friends? 

Technology is a helluva thing but when it comes down to it, how is it that we have come to let it control our lives? I’ve, several times, disabled my account because people were taking it too seriously. 

People have comment fights and all sorts of ignorant drama on IG, Twitter and FB, and I don’t see why. Would you actually fight these people in real life?

Romantic relationships are formed on social media and I’m not saying that it’s bad. I have a friend who met her husband on IG. However, what about the people that it doesn’t  go well for? Those who fall in love and then meet the person in person and they are not at all who they portrayed themselves to be, on the internet.

I just can’t see how social media has become the in between for so many things, the middle man, so to speak. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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