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Short Story Sunday 4/9/2017 Lost in Lust Sneak Peek

This is an excerpt from one of my upcoming novels, Lost in Lust.

She cleaned up the kitchen and her stomach growled, having not finished dinner at the restaurant and it was only eight forty-five, she heated up some left over pizza from a few days ago. She poured another glass of wine. Her phone beeped and it was Dre, asking to come over.

Maliyah: Are you at my front door again.

Dre: How’d you know? lol

Maliyah: It’s you, duh.

 She went to the door and he stared.


“Um, don’t you want to change?”

“You’ve seen me in less.”

“Yeah, but…”

“Just come in.”

 He sat on the couch and watched her rummage around in the kitchen. The pizza was heated and she grabbed two plates and another glass, sitting them on the coffee table. When she leaned over, he could see her breast, down her neglige. His dick stirred and he crossed his hands in his lap.

 She went and got the pizza and bottle of wine, sitting next to him. She turned the television on and clicked on Netflix. She turned it to Breaking Bad.

“I love this show,” he said, refocusing his thoughts. 

“Yeah my brother told me about it,” she said while biting a slice of pizza and taking a sip of her wine.

 They watched a few episodes, laughing, eating and drinking. Before they knew it, it was one in the morning. They had polished two bottles of wine and were beyond tipsy. 

“Hey, Maliyah, I’m sorry about the other day. I was upset and took it out on you.”

“Dre, it’s in the past. We’re friends.”

 He leaned over and kissed her deeply. She pushed him back.



 He kissed her again, falling backwards on the couch. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he moved his hands up her thighs. She moaned against his lips. Lifting her up, he carried her to the bed.

 Sitting her down, he lifted her top over her head and stared at how beautiful she was and how large her breasts were. He had a full hard on and she took him out of his pants, stroking him. He growled deeply at her hand going up and down his length.

 After a few more strokes, he nearly lost it. He quickly undressed and grabbed a condom out his pocket. Laying her down, he spread her legs and smelled her sweet, lavendar musk. He licked her and she gasped. She put her hands on his head to bring his mouth closer, tasting all of her. 

 He quickly slipped the condom on while pleasing her. He licked her up her stomach, ending at her mouth, letting her taste her own sweetness. He slammed in her, making her scream his name. He kept going like his life depended on it. He needed her to release before he met his own eruption.

“Dre, I’m coming!” she screamed, digging her nails into his back.

“Ahh, fuck!” he moaned, finally releasing. 

 When he sat up and looked at her, he saw the look on her face. The tears and feelings of regret filled her eyes.

“Dre, this was a mist…”

“Maliyah, please don’t say that.”

“Dre it was, and I think you should sleep on the couch.”

 He moved off of her and she ran to the bathroom. Holding back the sobs, she turned on the shower and sat in there, letting the hot water roll over her body. She cried until the tears were gone. Getting out and drying off, she looked in the mirror. She hated who she saw. Quickly turning away, she put on her robe and walked into her bedroom. Peeking out the bedroom door, she saw no sight of Dre. 

 Coming into the living room, he was nowhere to be found. She went out the front door and his car was gone. Going back inside, she locked the door and slid the chair under the knob. Her phone beeped and it was Tina. Sighing that it was not Dre, she put her phone on the charger and went to bed.6

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