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I was definitely glad I went to this event last night. I have been on this thing where I attend a lot more events this year that empower women and are all about networking. I want to make new friends and befriend women who are in positions that can help me while I also help them. Everything that Queen Lyfe represents is everything that means so much to me. Lyfe stands for Love Yourself First Everyday.

The panel of women who spoke, their stories touched me so deeply and I resonated so much with them. To hear their journeys about how they started their business. The fact that they still have 9-5 jobs and have their businesses is admirable and inspiring because that is what I am doing. I have a 9-5 as my side job and my main jobs are blogging, writing novels and poetry, creating and editing recipe videos, and influencing people on social media to live better and healthier lives by adopting a vegan lifestyle. Back to the event.


Jazzie and I

I went with my friend Jazzie and by chance we both won tickets. I met a woman, Dozie Oheri, who helps to empower children 6-18 and helps young girls love themselves through her nonprofit Choose to Do INC. I offered to have her come speak to the kids at my school.



I had a fan girl moment when I met the creator of Eclectic Vibez. I had been following her

Eclectic Vibez

for years and to see her in person was amazing. I was speechless for a few seconds. Then she told me my hair was juicy and I was ultimately flattered. She is so gorgeous in person.

I met a Black doctor, Dr. Teriya Richmond who has her own practice, M. Richmond, PLLC. She will most likely be my new gynecologist. I was too excited to meet her.


On the panel was Tera Roberson Stidum, who owns and runs and owns her own dating service, She Dates Savvy. Next, there was Denise Hamilton, CEO of Watch Her Work. Then there was Mimi, who owns Meyelabel, which sells corporate chic attire. Last but not least was Queen Lyfe herself, Candace.
This was an amazing event and I cannot wait to attend another and do more networking. I will also be getting a membership soon.



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