Lunch at Sunshine’s Vegetarian Deli

Since this is the week of Thanksgiving, and I’m a teacher, I have the week off to enjoy with friends and family that I don’t normally get to see and spend time with. Yesterday, I went to Sunshine’s Vegetarian Deli with Jazzie. I hadn’t seen her in almost forever, so it was due time. We talked about things we want to accomplish within the next year or so, and how we need to get back on track with our eating and exercising. 

It is always great conversations with her. Talking to likeminded people always makes me want to do better, especially a Black business woman. That’s for another post. 

Sunshine’s Deli is one of my favorite restaurants. Every time I go I always get the vegan nachos. I have yet to try anything different. The cheese is made from cashews and has a sweet taste to it. The “meat” I believe is Beyond Meat, but I’m not 100% sure. It’s garnished with olives, jalapeños, cilantro and pico. I have to say that they are better than any nonvegan nachos I have ever tasted.

I’m actually going back on Saturday with another vegan friend and I will be trying something different. Send positive vibes y’all.

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